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Non-inflammatory political subject line about opinions of Republican primary voters

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New Member
Here you go again, Vicki. You need to calm down. Did you ever stop and think that maybe you are the only one who is so upset? Some people actually find humor in this kind of written combat. It is much safer and less violent than actual combat. Really, what is the big deal? Would not forum be boring if everyone agreed all the time?
You say you can take a lot of joking back and forth, but obviously you cannot.
I have made peace with this and rather drop it, but since you brought it up, I never actually called anyone a dyke and anyway this was not serious, it was a reaction to me being called scum. This whole episode I regret and wish it never happened. But I have no bad feeling sot anyone on forum for this anymore and I have moved on, as you say.
As for making fun of your English, people here are constantly making fun of the way I talk Thai. So what? If I make jokes about someone because of where they are from, so what again. Try being an American living abroad. This is a daily event.
It is not even 6 am here and one of first things I did after making coffee was read forum. I was very happy to see I got message from you, Vicky. Obviously, for some reason you are not minding this discussion because you could very easily just ignore it. But you do not. Why is that?
As for growing up, why would I want to do that? If I grow up, I will have to face fact I am getting old. This is no fun. Perhaps I am a wannabe comedian. But the closest I will ever get to that is this forum.

Here is something you will not understand, but perhaps others on forum will. People who have to witness much death and horror, as I have done, whether you believe it or not I don't care, but this is a fact, find humor to be a very important defense against losing your mind completely. Ask any combat veteran, police officer, firefighter or nurse and they will tell you this. Believe this, anything anyone does or says here on forum is no big deal when you really think about it. No one will die, or be tortured or lose an arm or leg from this forum. Many of the western people I associate with regularly in SE Asia are combat veterans who came here during Vietnam War. We regularly joke with each other in this confrontational manner, and so this is just what I am used to.

There is a saying in America. If you can't stand the heat, get out of the kitchen.
Love, Jim

Polly Parrot

Staff member
Yet you are the only (alleged) combat veteran or whatever else it is you claim to be who comes and trolls a forum by moaning about how tough their life has been whilst making personal attacks on others.

And for your information, I find women dead sexy.


New Member
You see, it is hard to respond to something that makes no sense. Perhaps it is the language barrier. We have so much in common. I also find women dead sexy. I do not, however, find dead women sexy. lol.
I am not an alleged anything. I am what I am, and make no apologies for that. Despite this being very tiring, I will do it again for the sake of people with limited understanding. I only defended myself from personal attacks which were made against me. Is this a difficult concept, Polly? It seems to be. I also am not moaning about how tough my life is. It is quite possible and actually probable my life now is better than most people's on forum, including yours. This alleged moaning is actually just me trying to explain why, due to different life experiences, much of forum cannot understand why I do things.

Here is some more information which will probably boggle your mind. I am not bigoted against lesbians, despite the problems this type of oriented people has caused me. Here is the story. I had 2 lesbians who worked for me. One was masseuse, the other hairdresser. I told them I did not care who they slept with as long as they did job and kept private life private. However, they continually displayed their affection for each other at the shop. In Thailand, even public affection between man and woman is considered bad manners, even between married people. Even holding hands. So this behavior disturbed customers and also other employees. Consequently, many customers quit coming to shop. As a result my wife and I quit massage business, and now have only beauty salon in first floor of house. I lost much money on this deal as landlady of building defrauded wife and I for deposit. Lesbians, whose name believe it or not are Nit and Newt, went into business for themselves, which will probably fail for the same reasons but despite all the trouble they caused me I have helped them every way possible, including advertising their business with my own time and money. So do not attempt to run any game on me about prejudice against lesbians.

If you wish to engage in battle of wits, ladies, here is another saying for you to ponder. Do not bring a knife to a gunfight.
Love, Jim


This thread has drifted far enough away from the topic of Republicans and primaries that it begs to be locked.


Administrator and Stuntman
Staff member
I agree.

CMF, in the future when you find yourself unable to defend an opinion, remember that resorting to jokes doesn't work on this crowd.
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