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There are some things in this world that we need. Some things that we neglect. We've been trained to fear it. We've been trained to hide it. But it's there. It's built inside us waiting to appear. But we're scared to show it. We've been taught to think. We've been taught to supress it.

And who's to say that evil is not good? Good for us. It's a passion, is it not?

After reading the thoughts of Nietzsche, I've concluded that a man can't help what he feels. That he should not supress his will; whether it be good or bad. And it's only wrong if he neglects his will. Some of us were born from the devil, others from saints. That wasn't our choice. Our choice is to accept ourselves.

But to act on impulse, to put intuition into action; these are man's greatest challenges. Hesitation is our enemy. Doubt is our folly.

In writing as well. How much more we could get done, if only we poured our thoughts onto paper; without second guessing ourselves. To accept the insights and share them with the world.

This I am still learning. For it takes courage to truly commend the will. And only those brave enough to trust themself will succeed.

So trust thyself, my brothers; and respect the will that plays inside your mind. Act on impulse. Give life to the thought you process. For chances are, the thought is supported by God. You would not think it if you could not handle it.

Trust thyself.