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New Member
Just finished the James Robinson Starman series from DC. Had been collecting since the beginning, but went abroad for several years and had to catch up - didn't want to finish it all until I could read it as a job lot. Fabulous.



I am reading "Angels and Demons" by Dan Brown. I read "The DaVinci Code", from the same author and featuring the same main protagonist, a while ago.

Rain Dog

Just finished my annual trawl through The Question#1-18. For some people it's Lord of the Rings or The Bible, for me it's a very '80s Denny O'Neill reinterpretation of a Steve Ditko character. Zen and the art of vigilanteism, or something like that...


New Member
I just bought The Day I Swapped My Dad for Two Goldfish (and Dream Country), so I'll be reading that tonight.


Finished reading Wolverine #2

Wow....love Robertsons artwork for this book.

Also Greg Rucka is concentrating on the gritty side of Logan.

Strictly no spandex :cool:


New Member
Superman post-crisis aaaaaaaarghhhh
Batman adventures ********
Scion #3-4 ********
Gotham the zoo of earthquake victims (cannot remember the title +/-



New Member
A bit dead around here

Am stuck to:
Hammer Locke
Batman or alike - well not everything

Discovered the war of the worlds in the war of the universes, and the storylines insanity of the elseworlds. As someone told me, I looked completely baffled...

Tempted by:
The last CrossGen El Cazador
More Preacher

Morry :cool:


New Member
I have read a few recently both in Manga and graphic novels. I also bought a few collector's comics of late but haven't read them yet. The manga books, my first, were Tokyopops 'Priest' by Min-Woo Hyung which is terrific . I read vol 4 which is like the introduction so it is a bit early to ay how good the story will be. But is is certainly promising the premise and the subplots to date have got my interest and I can't wait for vol 5. I am puzzled though if Vol 4 is the intro what are vols 1-3 about?

I also read 'Fake' vol 1 recently by Sanami Matoh about two cops in New York City. It is also out in Tokypop. Loved the main characters Ryo and Dee they are great fun. There are elements of Yaoi [not too explicit but still for more mature audiences], in this however so it may not be everyone's cup of tea. Watched the DVD too it is based on Vol 2 and its very good - set in England where the guys are on holiday. Can't wait for vol 3.

Another one I read recently is 'Iriacynthe' by J.C. Servais a Dutch illustrator writer. Its Illustrations are really superb. However elements of the story and some of the contents left me a little uneasy. Anybody else read his books?

I am half way through Anne Rice's ;The Body Thief.' I adored the way 'The Vampie Lestat' was transformed into a graphic novel and 'The Body Thief' is brilliant too. really enjoying it :)

I have Neil Gaiman's 'Sandman: The Dream Huners' lined up to read as my next treat and then Michael Moorcock's 'Eldric of Melnibone.'

I have only started reading manga recently and only started watching anime last year. I have always loved books, my library has taken over my home, but hadn't opened a graphic novel or comic in years. I am thoroughly enjoying them again. Some take me back to my childhood while others with more mature content are enhanced by the atmosphere the illustrations evoke.