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Philippa Gregory


New Member
I really enjoyed ¨The Other Boleyn Girl¨ (I have not seen the movie) and I have also read ¨The Other Queen¨and liked that book too!


I haven't read any of her books,but I was her postman until she moved house about 4 years ago! Namedropper or what?! I met her and her husband quite often as she used to take her dog for walks in the town park which was right on her doorstep. Very nice lady. :)


New Member
I've read nearly all her books after discovering The Other Boleyn Girl when it was first published. They're a bit hit and miss, I really enjoyed most of them but The Other Queen I just could not get into. On the other hand, The White Queen was great. Have you read the Meridon trilogy or the two books about John Tradescent and his family? I really liked those, it got me interested in a period of history I'd never really been exposed to before (the reign of James I and the English Civil War).


Active Member
I just finished The Virgin's Lover. Given the drubbing this book received from fans, I ended up enjoying it more than I thought I would. Gregory has a knack for keeping the reader entranced. The backstabbing, plotting, and insights into court life were highly addicting. Her characterizations, unfortunately, do not live up to her storytelling abilities. From what little I know of Queen Elizabeth I, she wasn't as clingy and weak-willed as Gregory would have her audience believe. Amy Dudley's whine sessions weren't very fun to read either. Really, if you're an Elizabeth I fanatic you should either skip TVL or dive in with low expectations. If you're laidback about historical accuracies you'll probably be satisfied.

the lady

New Member
I liked the tudor court novels, some were better than others but overall having read

the constant princess
the other boleyn girl
the queens fool
the boleyn inheritance
the virgins lover

I think they are entertaining and are a good way to start reading historical novels about this period, if you want more histoy and less of the romance and intrigue then read Jean Plaidy


New Member
The Other Boleyn Girl~ Horrible, imo. Actual incest between Anne and George or almost??!?

The Virgin's Lover~UGH. An insult to Elizabeth I's memory

The Boleyn Inheritance~ EXCELLENT, great!


One out of four. Not good. :rolleyes:


I'm just starting The Six Wives of Henry VIII by Alison Weir. I also have Elizabeth & Mary by Jane Dunn but decided to read Henry VIII first.

Alison Weir is AMAZING! She makes Phillipa Gregory look like a romance writer! Make sure to read The Children of England. It proves her authenticity.


New Member
Oh! I'm from Sweden, and as I'm very into learning English I was happy to find an author who wrote good books (I love The Other Boleyn Girl, The Queens Fool, the two books The Red Queen and The White Queen) which I could, without problems, understand. And, of couse, enjoy. Nice to read your comments, obviously I'm not the only one who liked them :)


Former Moderator
I love her books. Very readable. Not sure how historically accurate they are but for once that actually wasn't that important. (I normally like my historical fiction to be educational as well as enjoyable).


New Member
I've been enjoying her new series...has anyone been reading her War of the Rose stuff? And if so, have they caught the TV series? I've not seen the TV episodes and was wondering how they compared to the novels?


New Member
I love, love, love her! The Queen's Fool is one of my favs but I also really love Virgin Earth and Earthy Joys.
Has anyone read her non-Tudor stuff? I really liked A Respectable Trade which was about the slave trade and her Wideacre series - I think these might be my favourite of her books over all. Very exciting and I loved the main female characters.


New Member
I loved the Tudor-series she wrote. Have all of them and read all of them. I will probably reread them as well :).
I didn't like The War of the Roses-series that much though. I stopped halfway the first book.

Paulo Magalhaes

New Member
I'll admit to my ignorance that I only know of Bernard Corwell as far as historical novels go. I really likes his Warlord Chronicles trilogy. I suggest it warily because his books might be a little bit too male oriented and, sometimes, of sensitive nature.
On another note, I am curious about some titles sugested on this post. I think I might give them a try.