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Please let me know - Anyone in similar shoes with All This Time by Mikki Daughtry?


New Member
Hey everyone, I've finished All This Time last night and honestly felt the urge to come here and try to pour out my thoughts. I've begun reading religiously only a couple of months ago but this book for me personally became hands-down one of the most heartfelt stories I've read ever since I started. This story had a genuine heart and soul. For me at least, it did. I thought it navigated, captured and painted grief and trauma in such an exceptionally beautiful manner. It hurt in all the right places. I've found myself to be completely immersed with the words on the page right there with Kyle. It felt like a warm winter blanket.

Moreover, I haven't come across just yet a book so visually stunning as this one. The pond, the cherry tree, the blossom showers, the ducks playing in the grass. That's a a painting right there. I'm not sure why but for me all these elements and how the plot evolved in its first part had such a mystical and meditative feel and vibe to it. I've found it to be so deeply atmospheric, as if something's lurking around but you're not exactly sure what. I can not conclude without mentioning Kyle. He carried loss and pain from every point of view throughout this story on his back so heroically. A story which often felt like too big of a burden for anyone's shoulder. Found him to be such a positive and inspiring role-model. He was such a genuinely beautiful character and truly just great kid. He evolved admirably, and even though he'd think of himself as being selfish sometimes, I thought he really proved multiple time he was the opposite of that. Him not realizing that I believe is part of his charm and an element that makes his character as I've mentioned genuinely great. Felt like he tried and did his best considering the circumstances, everything he did at the end of the day he did with his heart. That says a lot about him. I think we'd all want to find someone in our lives to love us as purely and sincerely as he loves his loved ones. I must mention here Marley as well, Kim, Kyle's mom and last but not least Sam. My word what an amazing, loyal, dedicated and caring friend. He's right there for you and we all should have one like him.

Lastly, even though during some parts I did think the second part was a tad messy or chaotic or as if the story was shifting into a different genre, that heartfelt feel from the beginning remained being carried throughout it. It was a good and tragic twist in its own way. Plus Mikki's author note at the end was one of the most beautiful acknowledgement parts I've come across. If I'd have to compare this book to a song, I'd compare it to Cardigan by Taylor Swift. Not because the stories are alike but because that genuine wholehearted and intimate feel the song transmits, is to be encountered and found abundantly and constantly with this book. For me personally All This Time felt like magic and it was magic. If by any chance you were in similar shoes with me please let me know your thoughts on this book and last but not least Kyle!! Plus, if you have any recommendations that are close to this story, I'd be more than happy to hear them and you out. Xx
Hey fellow readers,

So, I wrapped up "All This Time" last night, and wow, just wow. I needed to come here and share my thoughts, you know? I haven't been this engrossed in reading for a long time, but this one? This one just hit differently. The story felt so raw and real - like I was right there, feeling every emotion with Kyle. It's the kind of story that hugs your soul - like cozying up with a soft blanket on a chilly evening.

And can we just talk about the setting for a moment? The descriptions - the cherry blossoms, the pond, the ducks - it was like a painting coming alive. There was this enchanting vibe throughout which felt almost meditative.

Now, about Kyle. What a beautifully crafted character. The resilience he showed, the pain he bore - it's not easy to carry such weight, yet he did, and with so much grace. His love, his compassion, even in the darkest moments, shone through. And let's not forget the supporting characters. Sam was the epitome of friendship, always there, always loyal.

The second part did throw me off a bit, felt a little chaotic, but the essence of the story remained intact. It still carried that emotion, that depth. The author's note from Mikki at the end was so heart-touching too.

Honestly, if I had to compare it to a song? "Cardigan" by Taylor Swift. Not plot-wise, but the feelings - that deep, intimate emotion. Reading "All This Time" felt like magic. Pure, beautiful magic.

If anyone else has read it, I'd love to hear your thoughts. And if you have similar book recommendations, please drop them below. Take care, everyone!