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Poets of 2008


New Member
I have been involved with the poets of today since 1995. We first met first in a program called excite chat in 1995. I left that program in 2000, and went to a program called voodoochat. There I only stayed in the poetry room. They changed the name of that now to noetry. I am the only poet left there.

Talk about drama, and I have seen it all. The Marquise de Sade I swear was reborn in every person. I have wrote since I have been seven. This program was a great way for others to see my work, I thought. I have helped some people, and that is what I was aiming at. There are many suicidal people, dysfunctional, lonely, and sad. After while, they don't want to see any one else happy. I tried and I accomplished to help some others. Now, it is time I leave the poetry society.

Although, I have seen so many lives go down the tube. People have become very mean, and displaced. There is more drama in todays poet, I am sure, then any other time. Their private lives are worse then most poets of the past. We don't know the poets our selves of today. That wil lbe known hundreds of years past this time. It has got so bad that after twelve years I have left. People have broken all my relationship up in the past 12 years. Now, I have met someone new, and I have left the program. So, drama still lives in the eyes of a poet.