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Poppy Z. Brite: Lost Souls


New Member
I've just finished reading this book, highly recommended to me by a friend. I don't really know what to say about it - has anyone else read it? It seems to be a coming of age tale with no end - a story of vampires, blood, horror and the fleeting intensity of teenage love.
The true tragedy of the story is, IMO, in the ending, when Nothing 'becomes' Zillah and seems to be continuing his lifestyle of souless pleasures.
It's the kind of book that's left me thinking, desperately trying to understand the characters and the events of the story.
I checked out the reviews at Amazon and found that every one was good; I'm not sure yet whether I'd give it one star or five! If anyone else is familier with this book I'd love to get their opinion.


New Member
Interesting is a good word for it! I was actually very disappointed in the book as I read it, I'd perhaps been expecting something different. But it stuck in my mind; from thinking in an exasperated way "What was the point of that?", I started actually asking myself, "What was the point of that?". I still don't know the answer though! :D
I read this book years ago and I remember being very much impressed with the telling of the story more so than that actual story. Having said that, I have all of her other books and find them to be very good on the whole.



Active Member
Poppy is a great writer but since she decided to stop writing horror fiction, I have not seen any of her books since the short story anthology Self-Made Man in the shops.