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  • I was going through some titles at Penguins ca. and remembered you had posted about it somewhere.It is a "purty" cover.Thought you couldn't find it.
    They were going to release a Stewart edition of Clue, but the answer always turns out to be "Stewart. In The Library. Bludgeoned with the OED."
    I finished it this morning.

    I searched "Dr. Glas" I guess that's why I didn't find the thread.Gregorious? Is that about the character ?
    It seems to be in the same line of thinking as Dr.Glas.
    He gives me the impression that he sits high up in a throne and looks at us little people.:lol:

    By the way Stewart, Dr. Glas is a fantastic book, why don't you post a review on here?
    I recieved Fool's Gold -Maro Douka yesterday in greek. She has recieved the Kazantzakis literary prize for this novel. I have also asked a greek bookstore in Toronto to find me Mauthausen by Iakovos Kambanellis but it is hard to find them in english.I found this one at abe books:Drifting Cities by Stratis Tsirkas Modern writers I really have not liked. I will try these out and see.

    Greek Books: Literature
    (He doesn't participate much here does he?)
    I have a question, I enjoy reading all the reviews in your forum Stewart, and I like the layout ,colors and especially the quotes on top, but I want to ask have you looked into Greek literature? Even though I din't find much ,there seems to be some good novels out there waiting for your honest opinion of them.:whistling:
    Bloody hell stew whats this place coming too? Its like a zoo in general chat lol
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