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Psychology books


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Alfred Adler Understanding Human Nature
C.G. Jung The Undiscovered Self
Karen Horney New Ways in Psychoanalysis
Erich Fromme The Crisis of Psychoanalysis & Man for Himself
M. Scott Peck The Road Less Traveled & Glimpses of the Devil
Robert Coles The Spiritual Life of Children & The Moral Intelligence of Children

Can't say enough about these books, they all have their respective strengths. Adler's book is a direct contradiction of Peck's Glimpses of the Devil and that is why I enjoy thumbing through both of them together at certain points. I can't think of two books that completely argue against the other's point. Fromme's The Crisis of Psychoanalysis makes the argument for a humanist/existential future and claims that psychoanalysis is ceasing(as of the '70s) to be a relevant source of wellness for the mentally ill and Woody Allen. The Coles books are superb writing on developmental psychology, akin to Maslow if you ask me.

So, what are some of your favorites?


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So, what are some of your favorites?
Rather, I opt for some branches of the Psychology . I am interested in Cognitive/Biological and Analytical Psychology but above all, I have predilection for the Transpersonal Psychology that is about Spiritual aspects . I don't refer to Spirituality in religious sense, but a mixing between that Transcendental ( Psychology) and Metaphysic ( Philosophy ) . Sometimes, unavoitably, i have to feed my « psyche » with this kind of readings for fiting some pieces of my « rational puzzle » . Any Carl Gustav Jung's book is a great suggestion....
The Archetypes and the Collective Unconscious, Modern Man in Search of a Soul - I am reading now Synchronicity : An Acausal Connecting Principle - if someone need an explanation about strange coincidences/intuitions ( with experiments ) this is your book .
About Cognitive Psychology :
The Stuff of Thought: Language As a Window Into Human Nature - Steven Pinker .
Pieces of Light - Charles Fernyhough .
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