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Reading Group, Book of the Month, Ideas...?

With Finnegans Wake I don't think a few chapters at a time is feasable. Too much weirdness to digest on each page for that.
First chapter would be ok I suppose though as it's only 29 pages. The ones after that are a bit longer.

I've never read Hemingway :eek: so I'll join for that if you want it as regular Book of the Month.
I started to read yesterday ( both books ), but I lean on Roland McHugh's annotations . I recognize my ignorance about the Irish folklore ( at least now, i already know who was Finn mac Cumhaill ) . The first chapter, I will finish it on Sunday .

Regarding BOTM, we should find a formula for encouraging more readers, because at this rate this forum will be named Books & 2 Readers !! :D
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I was turning over some ideas in my mind for increasing the participation in BOTM and IRG ...By ex: We could suggest free/online books . I remember that Meadow337 told us about the Project Gutenberg offers over 59,000 free ebooks and besides, in several languages .

- Regarding the next reading in International Reading Group...I was thinking about
HOPSCOTCH (( RAYUELA )) by Julio Cortazar . A remarkable aspect is the mechanics for reading this counter-novel because the book is split into 56 regular chapters and 99 « expendable » ones . Readers may read straight through the regular chapters ( ignoring the expendable ones ) or follow numbers left at the end of each chapter
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