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Regular Kindle or Kindle Fire??

I bought a Kindle just recently, just the basic, and have been enjoying reading it but found I missed paper books so went to the library and got some "real" books. The Kindle is great for reading in bed though. I have several books on there now and find that I tend to have them all on the go at once and then have to back up to get reacquainted with the plot if I haven't looked at it for a day or two! Kind of grasshopper reading. :rolleyes:
I have the basic Kindle :) I like how easy it is to hold. There are some books that are not e-books, so I will still get the feel for a "real book" from time to time at least :) Also some of my "professional" books I will always want a hard copy of. I love the idea that I can carry the Kindle with me no matter where I go so that I am never without a book :)

Grasshopper reading :lol:
Regular. I don't like back-lighting. It's bad enough I work at a computer all day, I don't need to stare at one when I'm trying to enjoy myself. I still read real books more often and probably always will but the Kindle has been GREAT for travel.
Kindle Fire

I have a regular Kindle but when my friend asked me what I wanted for my birthday...I decided on a Kindle Fire. I like the fact that it has other functions like browsing the web, watching movies, listening to music, etc.
I can't wait. I know it's on its way from Amazon. I had looked into getting the Nook but decided to go with the Kindle because I like the way Amazon addresses any problems with anything. I order a lot from Amazon and always when there was a problem had the matter resolved quickly.

Well, I have a way better job than I had before and am considering one of these in the future. The woman has her regular one and loves it. I swear, though, I’m a page-turner book-sniffer. I love the smell of them.

The whole e-thing just turns me off.
Nothing wrong with that. Mine is still chugging along just fine. :)

I think I surprised my boyfriend with how quickly I was devouring e-books on it yesterday afternoon! ;) I already have an Alura-tek e-reader, but I find that I like my Kindle a whole lot better. Between the two no e-book should be out of my reach now.
I love my regular kindle. I am also surprised at how much faster I read with the Kindle. I was just given a regular book and am not really as interested in reading it since it is not an ebook LOL
I use the kindle cloud reader on my laptop and I also have it on my phone. I have not used it on my phone a lot only due to the fact that I just got the phone :)
I like it on the laptop as it is easy to read the books. Not as easy as my Kindle due to the size difference. I have a Netbook laptop, so mine is a bit smaller than the usual ones. My phone seems to be just as good though. As I said I have only used it a few times, but it is like the kindle :)
Thanks! Interesting. Does it have the same functions as the regular Kindle - bookmarks, search function, notes, share buttons, etc?
beer good it does have those functions on my laptop and phone :) The one on my phone is more difficult for me to read with because it is so bright. It really bothered my eyes after a little bit of reading.
Regular kindle 2 all the way. The e-ink is superior for reading, and I don't like the touch screen because sometimes I like to scroll through the words with my finger leading the way, and accidentally turning pages could become annoying. For all that other stuff, I have a G-Slate tablet from T-mobile on which I play chess and browse(as opposed to Ipad).
I have thought of that issue with the touch screen also and am glad I did not get that one. Now I am in need of an upgrade to my laptop and trying to decide what to do LOL