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Returning To The Playground (A poem)


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Returning To The Playground



I see now dimly through my tears
Through eyes which have known many years
The playground of a distant day
Where once I frolicked in my play
With Tom and Frankie, Megan, Sue
Squeaking swing chains - skies of blue.

Oh, did we ever say goodbye,
One to another, long ago?
I would have done had I more sense
How useless now - this recompense!
To distant regions have they flown
The dearest friends I’ve ever known.

And there, I think, the tree I see
Where Annie’s name was carved by me
With a pocket knife - my childhood prize
Anne Hilbert’s name - immortalized.
I touch the gnarled name on the tree.
Annie, do you remember me?

Behind the playground in the wood I see
The place where the policeman yelled at me.
I had given my folks a terrible fright
I had been gone most half the night
I had buried Sparkey - killed by a car.
He then carried me home as I cried in his arms.

How strange the feeling which now attends me
As I open my eyes in the distance I clearly see
A beagle darting from the wood baying
And behind him runs Annie, Oh, what’s that she’s saying?
And here come Tommy and Frankie too
And behind them is Megan skipping with Sue.

The struggle is over. He’s at peace now.
Does he have family? Who shall we call?

No one, he has outlived them all.
He looks so peaceful in this, his demise.

Yes, curious the light which shines in his eyes.