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Review book: The Corpse Exhibition & Other Stories of Iraq by Hassan Blasim


New Member
Hi, introduce my name amaryllis. At the moment I am using the website as a means to make articles about books that I have read. Incidentally, I just finished reading the book The Corpse Exhibition & Other Stories of Iraq by Hassan Blasim.

And one of the reasons why I recommend this book is because this book is an example of contemporary literature that provides a new perspective in the world of Arabic literature, specifically for the theme "The Iraq War".

Maybe all this time we have known much about the story of the iraq war through non-fiction books and journalistic works. But here it can be seen that Hassan Blasim chose to take a more Kafkaesque approach, which cleverly combines elements of realism with fantasy, but is clad in an atmosphere of gloom in the style of Edgar Allan Poe, because 90% of the stories in this book are about death.

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Well, not a big fan of cruelty and savageness of war.. the writer described the most savage scenes of war in such a casual manner. A friend of mine have read this book gives 2.5 /5 .. I am not sure if I am going to read this book.