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Review: The Airel Saga (no spoil)

Discussion in 'Children and Young Adult Books' started by StephyKira, Jan 16, 2016.

  1. StephyKira

    StephyKira New Member

    Jan 16, 2016
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    Global rating: 8,5/20 - Disappointed overall but contains some good ideas.

    Plot: 8/20 - Suffers from multiple loopholes, easy shortcuts and too many non-answered questions. Trend: #Chosen-One #War #Legacy
    Lore: 13/20 - A few interesting concepts and sceneries but overall undermined by the plot flaws. Trend: #Angels #Demons #Modern-World
    Characters: 9/20 - While a few of them have a tendency to turn all Deus Ex Machina, there is at least one very compelling and badass character: Kreios. Sadly, he too becomes infuriating because of the plot direction. Lack of emotion in general for me.
    Romance: 5/20 - Considering the other titles available for the same category, it appeared to me as too simplistic and boring. It didn't make my heart race or catch my breath. Trend: #Romeo&Juliet
    Writing Style: 8/20 - Disruptive and clumsy at times: Too often did I find myself pulled back from the book because of rhythm discontinuities or because of the sudden shift in the use of past and present verbs for no apparent reason.

    I probably had too many expectations when I started reading The Airel Saga. Between the fact that I just had finished reading the « Penryn and the End of Days » trilogy (if you haven’t read it yet, I highly recommend it!) and the many praises found within the first pages, I dived into this book my eyes sparkling in anticipation. While I quickly readjusted my hopes in order to give the saga a chance, I kept finding myself building up new expectations through the books. Nothing fancy: Questions you expect to be answered at the end of the story, closure on some topics etc (I can’t really detail it without spoiling).

    I finished reading the last book with the underwhelming feeling the plot had been rushed in some parts and the disappointment of finding no real closure. My exact thoughts at the end of it all were « What the f***? »

    I don’t entirely regret reading The Airel Saga as there were some interesting bits to its lore like I said. I only regret the struggle it was to get over all the disruptive details that pulled me out of the books on a regular basis. I like to be enthralled by a story to the point that I will forget either eating or sleeping until I actually read the last page. I was not.

    Note: Please remember that all Enthralled reviews are subjective and based on my personal experiences and criteria. The ratings given do not make a book good or bad. They are only indication on how well it fitted my taste and expectations.

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