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Searching for a specific book


New Member
Hi everyone.

I have a book that I'm searching for but have very limited details on it. I have never personally read or seen this book- I'm not a particularly avid reader. I read, but it comes secondary to work and family.
It's a book that my girlfriend has been searching for since she read it years ago.

More correct info below:

A girl is living with a family member after some kind of troublesome period. She is sat on the fence talking and notices a lame horse in the field. She goes to the horse an notices an odd looking pebble in the horse's hoof. She manages to get it out, and keeps it because it's pretty. She notices after a while that the pebble has grown, and eventually it ends up falling off the windowsill. It grows faster and is changing colour, and she manages to get it out of the house into a wheelbarrow (I think the friend she was talking to is helping her), and the wheelbarrow tips over at the riverbank because of the weight of the "pebble". It bursts and loads of pebbles come out of it.

The book will be at least 18 years old, possibly much older. I know this isn't much to go off, but if anyone out there has an idea of what it may be, or any info at all (author, part of a title, anything!) it would be greatly appreciated.

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