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Simon Scarrow: The Eagle Serie


New Member
Once in South Spain,i found the 3 first book of this serie,and been a huge fan of historical fiction, i bought them.On would have been enough.
Simon Scarrow write about the conquest of Britain by the roman troupes,two legionaires Marco and Cato are the heros of the serie.It's not very good,there is far better in the genre,something is amiss in Scarrow writing,it sound mechanical.Don't get fooled by Bernard Cornwell recomendation on the cover,it simply not exiting.
Really? I just finished the first one and actually really enjoyed it. I think Cato and Macro are possibly a bit stock, but I expect that they would be fleshed out more in future stories. I'm actually excited about reading another in the series. Hmm. Maybe I've just been reading too many kids stories lately and that's lowered my standards. :lol:
I read the first two, I did quite enjoy it but I agree it's pretty stock. I own the third, but I'm not sure if I'll read it.

If you are interested in the period though and a fan of military fiction, it's at least worth checking out.
I am currently reading the first in the series and enjoying the book. The pace is fast, it is a light read with a fair bit of humour in there too, granted the characters are not deep but it gives a good insight into military life at the time and is fairly historically accurate as far as I can see. Therefore if you are looking for a historical novel that is not too heavy reading then I would say simon scarrow is definately worth a read :)