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Suggestions for New Members and Authors

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Welcome to the forum. First of all this YOUR forum. What you put in contributes greatly to what you get out. So don't be a stranger, by all means take your time to look around, but don't be shy, dive in and contribute.

Some suggestions:

1. You are here, so please introduce yourself. Tell us as much or as little as you would like. Tell us what you read, what you don't read, why you like reading. We are all readers like yourself and would like to know if you are as nuts about books as we all are.

2. Contribute. Post reviews of books your have read, comment on other reviews. Add you opinion. Don't mind if we add ours back. Lively (but polite and friendly) debates make for a good forum.

3. Use your profile page. You can mini-blog, tell us what you are reading, invite us into your social media accounts. Lets get social.

4. Talking about getting social. If you sign in with your Google or Facebook account, you can post directly from the forum. Share reviews, interesting books, authors, or posts.

5. Join the Book of the Month Discussion. The idea is similar to a book club. We suggest books on a given theme, put them up to the vote and then discuss them. It's fun, it's heated, its the Book of the Month - Book of the Month | BookandReader.com

6. Authors - please don't promote yourself all over the forum. There is a whole section just for you to that - Member Publications | Shameless Self-Promotion | BookandReader.com complete with a sticky thread on how to get the most out of the forum.

7. Writers - Writers' Room | BookandReader.com <- share your latest, ask for opinions, or compliments.

Have fun, be good, be silly, be serious, promote yourself, share, debate, ask, give. It's all here for you.
Not open for further replies.