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Former Moderator
This forum is more author friendly than most in terms of allowing you to promote your book(s) and yourself and yet there are features (and rules) on this site that are under utilized by authors.

1. Blogging / interaction with readers is a good way to promote yourself. The site has a profile posts feature that works much like any social media site where you can post updates, interesting things you are up to, what you are writing about, or struggling with. Use it like a mini-blog, get the readers on this forum interested in who you are and what you are up to.

2. Make full use of the self-promo section. Don't just post once and disappear. Create a thread per book (as per the rules) and maintain that thread. Keep us up to date and what is going on with the book, any promotions, book signings, great reviews. Keep us interested and informed. Don't scatter the information over multiple threads a. its against the rules b. people lose track. Keep it together, keep it updated.

3. Don't post promotions all over the forum. They will just get deleted.

4. A small unobtrusive link in a signature is permitted. Use this to promote your latest book, blog whatever. But please note SMALL AND UNOBTRUSIVE. No big pictures, or multiple links. Choose one most important link. Update it, change it, rotate it.

5. Use the 'about' information in your profile. There is place there for links to other social media. Trust me, if people are interested in you they will look on your profile where to contact you / find you on Twitter / FB / website / blog. Don't put all this information in your self-promo thread. It will be deleted.

6. Put links in your self-promo posts. Limited to two for example Smashwords and Amazon for the different formats. But it is no use saying 'Here is my book' if no-one knows where to buy it.

7. Be creative, give us the blurb, a SMALL resized image of the cover. Make it interesting. Tell us about you, the book, something to create some interest. Don't write an essay. Don't give us the first chapter.

8. Do answer questions. Get interactive. Be a part of the community. Invite involvement.
Not open for further replies.