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New release! THE DAY OF THE DEPUTY, now available on Amazon:

Stanton Brunner has always lived in the shadow of famous lawmen. His father is a respected town sheriff, his grandfather a legendary, retired U.S. Marshal. But Stan never wanted to have it out with the bandits of the world, and was content to live the quiet life of a frontier town gunsmith. This comes to a crashing end when Bloody Brit Talmadge and his band of outlaws ride into town. Talmadge is a hardened killer with a cruel philosophy to match. He means to rule the town and surrounding valley with an iron fist, and that requires eliminating all who might challenge him. When tragedy strikes Stan’s family at Talmadge’s hands, the young man finds himself with a choice: slink away and do nothing, or take up the badge where no one else will. If he stays and fights, he faces seasoned killers who have him outnumbered, and have the townsfolk running scared. Stan, on the other hand, has never shot at a man, never enforced the law, and never really been in a serious fight. Beyond his inexperience, he’s also torn between a duty to see justice done, and a seething, justifiable desire for revenge. About the only thing the man has going for him is courage, and soon enough that courage will be the only thing standing between a small town and complete annihilation.


New five-star Amazon review from 'Woodie' :

"Just finished this, and am impressed. I'm a fan of David's sci-fi work, and many of the themes of courage, freedom, and self-respect in his books find a natural home in the western genre. And he can write a great action scene.

"The characters are well-written and a varied lot, from an old curmudgeon of a Federal Marshal to a Chinese madam, and they are all interesting people. The good guys are likable and respectable, but none of them are perfect. Many of them do not deserve their place in society, but they do what they can to survive and even thrive and help others. (This is a refreshing take on the current trend to attack history as imperfect by our modern standards.) What 'social commentary' there is, is well done without being heavy-handed, and should be acceptable to the entire political spectrum.

"The plot is pretty straightforward, but my expectations for a western aren't terribly high. (Westerns are frequently morality plays, where we know the outcome, but sometimes need reinforcement that the right choice is the correct choice.) All that said, I was left wondering until the end who was going to survive the finale.

"The epilogue or final scene was touching, and well done. It ends the story beautifully."

THE DAY OF THE DEPUTY, available on Amazon, ebook or paperback!
$.99, DISCOUNT PRICE, this week only!

They killed his father, kidnapped his girl, and threatened his friends and neighbors. They’re a band of hardened bandits who’ve been preying on the frontier for years. He’s a raw, twenty-year-old kid who’s never pointed a gun at a man in his life. Yet his courage is all that stands between a small town and utter destruction…

THE DAY OF THE DEPUTY, available on Amazon, ebook or paperback!
A young man faces a threat he never imagined, after suffering tragedy he could've never predicted. He's raw, but he's willing. If only the rest of his town showed the same courage...

THE DAY OF THE DEPUTY, ripping, western adventure. Available on Amazon, ebook or paperback, FREE for Kindle Unlimited!