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The Fallen Angel Hunters - Disgraced cop vs. Fallen angels


After the War in Heaven, the fallen were bound to Hell for eternity…until they found ways to escape. Determined to continue the war, they and their demon offspring have set their eyes on human beings. Armed with the ability to directly influence a person’s emotions and driven by an unquenchable hatred, they are determined to prove God wrong by corrupting and destroying his favorite creations. And they’ve gotten very good at it.

But all hope is not lost. It is not just the fallen who make sojourns to the realm of the living. When the archangel Michael descends to Earth in human form, he teams up with disgraced cop Ryker Lange, a man who values doing what is right far more than he ever did the law. Joining them is Icelandic immigrant Vig Ivarsdottir, a failed actress turned waitress who herself has been a victim of a fallen angel’s designs. In thirteen short stories and novellas, this episodic novel follows this unlikely trio as they travel the country, taking the fight to the fallen and their demon children. And when the worst of the worst begins plotting a return—well, they’ll just have to take the fight to him too, however great the cost may be…