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The Gods' Day To Die...Greek Gods vs. Modern Crazy


Available on Amazon, THE GODS' DAY TO DIE, by David Welch. Available in e-book, audio, and paperback.

Desmond Taylor—a free-spirited loner and heir to a family fortune—didn’t mean to fall in love. But when he stumbles upon a beautiful archer deep in the wilderness, they begin an electrifying and wild romance like no other. To make matters even more complicated, the woman is the goddess Artemis.

Like her Mount Olympus kin, Artemis has walked among mortals for thousands of years. But Desmond and Artemis’s isolated paradise is violently shattered when they’re tracked down by the goddess Athena’s insane mortal son: a man hell-bent on killing every last god.

Thrown into a fight to the death, Desmond finds himself traveling the globe at Artemis’s side, dodging bullets and proving himself as a fighter. Now, the gods must come together to defend themselves—or risk dying violently at the hands of the psychopath who is hot on their heels. While they are skilled in battle, there are but a few gods left to fight the steady onslaught of mercenaries sent by their vicious nemesis. Can Desmond stop the massacre of the last immortals, or could this truly be the gods’ day to die?
If all legends are based on a kernel of truth, what could possibly explain the Olympians? And how can they possibly still be around and kicking today? Science brigs legend to life in THE GODS' DAY TO DIE...

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Come meet Dionysus, the bi-polar, depressive God of Wine. He sleeps around, takes stupid risks, and has been self-medicating for going on four millennia. Is there anything left to this wreck of a man? Will he help his fellow immortals survive their pursuers, or just get in the way. Find out for yourself in The Gods' Day To Die...
Yes, there is sex. Though the focus is more on action-adventure/what the gods have been up to. All my best.
Many thanks for the answer, and for participating here.
I'm intrigued by the intersection of Greek Gods with Modern Crazy.
Athena, Goddess of Wisdom...but maybe not the Goddess of Common Sense. When a past mistake catches up with her Athena finds herself in the hands of her mad son, the object of his violent obsession. He wants her to die, but not before she watches all of her family meet their end at his hands. Will Athena be forced to watch her family die one-by-one? After thousands of years will she meet her death as nothing more than a madman's trophy? Find out for yourself in THE GODS' DAY TO DIE...
Hera, 'Queen' of the Gods. Long past her jealous stage, she has become the practical glue that holds together the few remaining Olympians. A business woman of great skill, she bank-rolls the family and makes sure their 'identities' stay current and legit. But now she finds herself taking care of two children who just lost their mother, and trying to keep Zeus from slipping away as he watches his children die. Her enemy has as many resources as she does, and far less compunction about breaking laws. Will she be able to hold the family together? Find out in THE GODS' DAY TO DIE...
Aphrodite, goddess of love, a legendary beauty who has finally found a measure of stability and happiness with Ares, the love of her life. Forever concerned about her husband's dark past, the last thing she wants to see is the family drawn into a battle that might bring out his old ways. Truly a lover, she finds herself being drawn more and more into a fight that can't be avoided in THE GODS' DAY TO DIE...
Zeus, the first immortal, the oldest of the Gods, the oldest human being alive. With his infamous temper long cooled, Zeus spends his day raising his kids and enjoying the comforts of family. It's a life that fits him, and has brought him satisfaction and happiness for many long centuries. But now he's watching his children die, one-by-one. Perhaps it's time for the world-shaking man of old to reemerge...see for yourself in THE GODS' DAY TO DIE.
Ares, the God of War, the most lethal human being to ever walk the planet...now a quiet man who only brings out the warrior within for a good reason. And with his family's lives on the life, he has reason enough. No single man poses much of a threat, but he faces odds that will press even his formidable skills. Will he be able to rally his family, or will he just be the victim of THE GODS' DAY TO DIE...

Available on Amazon, FREE for Kindle Unlimited!
From a five-star Amazon review: "Action, love, hate, religion, and logic are all presented brilliantly in The Gods' Day to Die...Welch writes so authoritatively about the way extreme longevity really works that it leaves the reader suspicious. Could he write on this topic with such force without himself being one of these quasi-immortals? It does leave one wondering...."

THE GODS DAY TO DIE, available on Amazon. FREE for Kindle Unlimited.
From a five-star Amazon review: "According to the cover you might expect a good amount of archery is involved in this story, but you would be wrong! Only a small amount in practice. Mainly the story involves gods who are actually immortals with no supernatural abilities. This story takes place in modern times. An insane nephew who isn't immortal is dying of cancer and takes out his revenge on all immortals. Plenty of superb action with guns. The fighting in the numerous tunnels is awesome and extremely exciting to read. A very enjoyable book!"

THE GODS' DAY TO DIE, available from Amazon, ebook or paperback. FREE for Kindle Unlimited!