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The Lee's (another love story)


New Member
I thought the world could use some laughter, so I wanted to share my story.

As a little kid, I had my future all planned out. I was supposed to meet the love of my life in high school, marry him, and then we were supposed to live our happily ever after, but nope, the good Lord told me that "He got this." I didn't meet the love of my life until I was 19 years old, out of high school, at a job that I got hired at, after months and months of searching for one. Not only did I find a romantic kind of love, but I also found a family kind of love as well. No matter how strong willed I was, the good Lord was always the main character in my world. What He says goes, and I wouldn't want it any other way.

It will shock you, how your plans for your life and God's plan for your life don't add up. Sometimes, you just got to be brave enough to let Jesus drive for you. I promise, He only wants to make sure that you make it to your destiny, safely. Now that I know the God I serve, I try to make sure that I take Him everywhere with me. It's because of Him, that I know who I am, and once you know who you are, then you become unstoppable, you become I'M-POSSIBLE.



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