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The Neil Shelton Story

Discussion in 'Member Publications | Shameless Self-Promotion' started by Guy Lozier, May 29, 2019.

  1. Guy Lozier

    Guy Lozier New Member

    Aug 13, 2018
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    If you like true crime then this one is a good one to read...it's book one of three...book two is about to be released...The Neil Shelton story has been in the news a few times and is an ongoing case in the courts...Neil is presently preparing to file a RICO case with the federal RICO Courts...he is filing against North Carolina Politicians, A city (Mount Airey which is the town that Andy Griffin based his tv show on Mayberry.), the country, a legal firm, the Governor, a State House of Reps leader, the local police department, D.A., Police, a Sheriff, Judges, a past Mayor, Banker, and many others that were involved in stripping him of his businesses and finances. They all conspired together to defraud the court and then block him in the state Supreme court by the politician replacing the judge with her own hand picked judge that she had just given a raise to and he refused to hear the case and dismissed it outright thereby blocking justice in the state of North Carolina taking part in the RICO Actions. This story is crazy and right out of the twilight zone. It was featured on the Fox News Network on The Bob Buckley Show. Neil spoke at the Whistle Blower's Panel in D.C. last year in front of a group of congressmen and was a guest speaker of the Governor of Alaska and a state rep there last year also. You will probably see this on Netflix in the near future as a TV Show or Movie soon...


    Growing Up Mayberry

    Film Trailer

    Article 1
    Article 1
  2. Polly Parrot

    Polly Parrot Moderator Staff Member

    Apr 28, 2008
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    I've moved this into its own separate thread seeing as you're one of the authors.

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