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The New Harry Potter Movie

I'm starting this to discuss the new movie. I saw it recently and must admit that it was by far the best one made yet. It really stuck to the book and had me laughing much too loudly. A few of the laughs were a bit uncomfortable, because a few people in the theater kind of looked at me oddly.

Anyways, I'm just saying that the movie is better than all of the other five put together; that's just my opinion.

What do you think?


The production was excellent, the castle was vastly bigger than ever, and the scene in which
Slughorn finally gives up the memory
was beautifully done. But I'm surprised you think it was faithful to the book.
The whole subplot with the engagement was left out, and the house was destroyed. How are they going to handle the wedding scene in number seven? Also, the fascinating scene with the muggle Prime Minister was left out too. On the other hand, having the Death Eaters make their grim march to the tower, instead of having them battle their way, was effective
um... I agree with you about the Slughorn memory. Voldemort is hot... those eyes... lol. Anyways I think it's crazy how they didn't add in the minister scene and the funeral. I mean dude, it totally should've ended with the funeral. I was waiting on that....

what house got destroyed?? I can't recall a house getting destroyed.

The reason I think it's faithful to the book is because of all the little things they did that were just like the book. It allowed me to see many of the things I pictured while reading.