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The Phantom of The Opera


New Member
This book is really interesting; the story is beautiful and painful. It is about love, fear, hate, music and revenge.
Erik's love to Christine is amazing, he really falls in love with her, but also, he will be able to do everything no matter the price in order to be with her.
Christine loves Raoul, she tries to take care of him because she knows that Erik is dangerous, but Raoul risks his life to rescue her.
Personally, I admire these people because they show love at its ends.
If our love is reciprocated we are happy, but if we are rejected we show the worst feelings ourselves. It speaks of love or obsession that can unleash the love a person. This is present throughout the play between Erick and Christine Daee.
Erick just wants to be loved. This is not an excuse at all for his behavior, but anyway explains . Talking about his childhood, even his mother rejected and despised him. He is not a bad person, because at the end of the story he has a very noble gesture to Christine.
Regarding the end of this story, I do not agree with Christine Daae's choice, but I understand her.
I strongly recommend this book to everyone; it has suspense, love and action as well.
In a few words, I think this is an exciting and entertaining story.


One of my all time favs... in any form. I've read it, watched it, listened to it and would repeat all of the above many times!

ordoñez kikan

New Member
I read the book of Jennifer Bassett´s version of The Phantom of the Opera; it is a beautiful adaptation, very easy to read and captivating. The book has romantic parts, it is also a thriller.

The characters are adapting very well and the paragraphs are very good.

Jennifer Bassett created a very good version that was very popular.

For me, this version is very good and it is clear and to the point to the level of English and reading that it offers to the readers.

I am recommending this book by Jennifer Bassett “The Phantom of the Opera” an excellent version.

luis sanguino

New Member
This story takes place in Paris in 1880, more precisely in the opera house, we can say that has multiple genres suspense, love, drama, fiction, I personally liked the book, I think that all readers agree with this, also I think Erik is a person that leaves us a lot to learn. A man with too much talent is forced to live excluded in the shadows and in complete solitude, for fear of not being accepted, the ghost finds a way to be happy with Christine, any person who stands in their goals to win a terrible enemy, but all we have in this man's sadness that will never be with the woman he wants. interesting story.


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I liked it very much because of the intense passions showed, the drama and the always present horror. Particularly if you are a fan of this kind of genre. This is the story of a tormented man and his tragic fate. His is an impossible affair because Christine is really in love with young Raoul. And this leads to Erick’s awful end.
One of the reasons why I liked it is because I believe it assimilates a daily reality that all of us have experienced. No matter how devoted to a woman a sensitive man is, she may still prefer a handsome yet simple guy. But there is some truth in this as it can be hard to be with a tormented man. And in the end she will just want a stable partner who will not lose his mind at the first complication.
What do you think of this version of the classic?

The Phantom of the Opera: The Excess
by Emilse L. Brisuela

"But he did not open the door,

because just then he heard a man's voice in the room!

'Christine, you must love me!' the voice said"

The Phantom of the Opera, "The dancers"

"The Phantom of the Opera" (Le Fantôme de l'Opéra ) by Gastón Leroux is a novel that was inspirated in another novel called "Trilby" by George du Maurier (1895).

We are in front an amazing book, a classical book because "The Phantom..." has this atemporal "I don't know what". The play has an obsession without truce in Erik, as we have looked with Othello, whose jealousy took him to murder the love of his life. The novel has this passion without equal to music and a unrequited love... These are recurring topics on Western literature, but not in vain.

The "Angel of Music" touches us in the depths, hating him and loving him equally, putting the reader in an unavoidable fight...The Phantom is a really bad guy, bad-bad guy, but... Is he solely responsible? I prefer to think of him as Christine's mentor, the guide of her entire life. Who gave her technical and passion...I prefer to omit, of course, the part where he becomes excessive. Eureka, that is the word: excess. Erik makes the mistake of excess to me, the hybris,in same way as tragic heroes of Aeschylus or Sophocles. For me, Erik suffers, in the end, divine punishment, like Prometheus.

I recommend this book: You can enjoy it, hate it, love it but, please, do not miss it!

nadia delli

New Member
Book Review of the Phantom of The Opera

It's a story about a mysterious man who is in love with the young dancer and also he is in love with her voice.
But, he has a mysterious secret. He is an ugly person and he is obsessed with her.
So, he wants revenge. And ...... very strange things happen.
In my personal opinion I like these characters:
Erik, the phantom because he is a mysterious person who isn't afraid of anybody and he is strong.
Cristine, the singer and the young dancer, because she is a very special person, friendly and she fights for her dreams.
The characters in general are very interesting. there are some parts of the book that are surprising . It's an entertaining story.
Would you like to read this magnific story? If you read it , I hope you enjoy it :).
The Phantom Of The Opera is a classic book. It is a combination of romantic drama and mistery.
Nobody knows what is happening in the Opera House but all the people are scary. The dancers don´t stop to talk about the ghost, they hear voices in the dressing-rooms, in the passages and some of them said that they saw him.
The phantom is real and his love for Christine is sickly. Erik does not admit that she is in love with Raoul.
The Phantom Of The Opera is exciting, all the time you want read the next page ang know the end of the story.
I love it. I enjoy the book so much and I recomended it.


New Member
The book starts with a little foreshadowing. It's pretty subtle, but essentially the narrator, Brooke Rodgers and her improbably-named friend Zeke are going to discover a phantom who has been haunting their school for over seventy years. We figure this out when Brooke tells us the preceding, verbatim. Great, now I don't even have to read the rest of the book!

Brooke and Zeke are aspiring thespians, having appeared in last year's elementary school production of Guys and Dolls. A lot of fifth grade classes put on a production of Guys and Dolls, that's what makes this believable. When Brooke and Zeke go to look at the cast list for the new, "scary" play the sixth grade class is putting on, Brooke discovers a note pinned to the board telling her that she has been suspended. Brooke believes this because she is unbelievably stupid. Zeke reveals he's equally stupid by taking pride in having set up the "joke." Hey RL Stine, can anyone but these two be the main characters of this book?

Zeke gets the title role as the Phantom and Brooke will be playing Esmerelda. A 7th grader named Tina who doesn't much like Brooke finds out she's Brooke's understudy and also is in charge of scenery. At the script reading the next week, Tina reveals that the play is cursed and also that the school puts it on every year. Maybe the school is being cursed by having to put on the same play, not the other way around. Tina starts to tell about how there is an actual phantom (Hey remember the foreshadowing!!!!!) in the school, but she is interrupted by Ms. Walker, the teacher directing the play, who tells her that the story is "Very scary... very upsetting." Ms. Walker might as well have lit firecrackers and handed out candy and puppywhips for as much interest as she generated by saying that, but she refuses to entertain the class with the story. But then she gives in to peer pressure and does reveal the tale to the class. Not particularly effective authoritativeness there, Ms. Walker.

72 awfully specific years ago, when the middle school was first built, a student found a copy of a play called the Phantom in the basement that someone had left. I don't want to be one of those internet people who points out mistakes, but why would anyone think this made sense if the school had just been built? Who left it, thespian contractors? The boy shows the play to a teacher who decides the school will perform it and then on opening night, the boy disappears, never to be found again. After that night, all copies of the script were destroyed except one, which was kept locked in a safe because burglars are going to be after a kid's play, and the play was never performed again... UNTIL NOW. It's really too bad they couldn't have destroyed the Cuban Swimmer or any number of other plays instead.

Ms. Walker tells the class that they'll be ignoring the rumour that the Phantom won't let them perform the play and then she accidentally falls down a trap door below the stage. She has the kids help her up and then excitedly tells them that they'll be using the trap door in the stage during their play. That's like driving and getting into a car accident and then turning to the person next to you and going "Your turn to drive!"

Brooke gives us a brief synopsis of the play (actually brief, not like thisbrief):
Carlos owns a theatre. Beneath the theatre lives a phantom with a scarred face. (This sounds familiar... what does it sound like...hmm) Esmerelda, the daughter of Carlos, falls in love with the Phantom, but then her boyfriend Eric finds out and he kills the Phantom. Esmerelda runs away and the Phantom haunts the theatre forever. I have a suggestion: Keep this play locked up longer.

After everyone leaves rehearsals, Zeke and Brooke stick around to try out the trap door in secret. Brooke has a brief asthma attack because trying out a trap door is just that exciting. They go down in the trap door but they keep going down and eventually they're "a mile" beneath the school, which doesn't sound believable to me but sometimes I forget who wrote what I'm reading. They're in a vast, dark corridor and this is interesting to them for reasons not explained to the reader. Kids love dark corridors, I guess. Suddenly the platform begins to move up again and the two jump onto it as it goes back up. The platform stops a little short of the stage so the two have to hoist themselves up. Once on the stage, they run into Emile, the night janitor, an old man with a big purple scar on his face. The janitor chides them on using the trap door and kicks them out of the school.


New Member
A monster not as monster

This history happened in XIX century in France. At a luxurious building. Into the awesome place strange things happen. The employees say that a phantom exists. The directors are confused. The principal singer lost her voice, and young and beautiful singer girl, take the fame quickly. A young boy and rich is in love for that woman, and he fights for his love

I like this story because it has a social message in my opinion.

History shows from a social perspective it is dehumanized a person since was born. Transforming into a monster after. This monster that was created because, that boy didn`t have education and affection from their parents and a society that looks biased to anyone who is different. Either by their physical appearance, beliefs or social status. Moreover we can see the luxurious building symbolically represent power. High society represented by directors, who are imposing despite its bad taste, it's beautiful and not.

Finally I can see in Erick represented anonymously, the voice of all people, who have not voice, they seem invisible to the eyes of society. In this case, a monster, a rare thing. Not according to what is socially acceptable. But are those people which do things work, that the luxurious building is working, or that the opera can give the show or not.


New Member
I thinks this book is very interesting because the welf is love and revenge. This histori is very very popular and famus, For me I don´t like romantic histori but this histori I like.

I don´t tell about this histori, for me, do you have to du¡aiscover it on your own to have your own opinion


New Member
I think that It´s an interesting book. A love story where the protagonist does anything to get the love of Christine. The need to be loved Erik takes him to kill people and believe that Christine is yours. Erik ends surrendering and Christine and Roaul archive to be together.


New Member

It is an incredible love story with charm and mystery. Read this book lets us imagine a possible myth as the presence of a ghost in an old opera house. This ghost determined to seduce a beautiful woman named Christine singer with a beautiful voice, but she loves her boyfriend Raoul has known since childhood, clearly his true love.

I recommend reading this book because the charm, passion, hatred and prejudice do reflect on the love and ideals.