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Theater of the Absurd


New Member
Lately I've really been getting into absurdist plays, but it seems like the more of it I read the more I feel I need to know about it. Although I'm still greatly fascinated by it I feel like I don't know enough about absurdism to truely appriciate all it has to offer.

When we studied absurdism in school (for just one week... bleh) the teacher gave us a list of absurdist rules to go by. I feel like there is so much more than a concrete list of things that defines absurdism.

I would LOVE to hear what you all have to say on the elements of absurdism (or any other -ism that is in that realm ei. existentialism, dadaism ... ect.). Also if you could recomend any absurdist plays or literature it would be most appriciated.

Thank you! ^_^