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Thread Subscription


New Member
So, I'm getting about 15 emails a day notifying me of new replies to threads I've responded to. How do I make them stop? There MUST be an option somewhere to turn it off...maybe I just haven't looked hard enough :rolleyes:
Anyway, thanks!
Sounds like you are subscribed to threads.

In your User CP listed under Settings & Options click on Edit Options,
scroll down to Messaging & Notification.
Find the Default Thread Subscription Mode setting.
Click on the drop-down menu and select Do Not Subscribe.
Click button near the bottom of the page Save Changes.
Okay, I did that but it still says I'm subscribed to 145 threads :eek:
I just spent a few minutes checking all the boxes next to my subscribed threads and deleted them 40 at a time. Hopefully that will solve things. If not...we'll figure that out when it's necessary :rolleyes:
Thanks, Occlith!
Can someone please take my email from the database, I have been hacked and like to keep my email box clear, I don't need reminders to come here.
Thanks in Advance, Roger.