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Tim Severin: Corsair


New Member
Hector Lynch is captured with is sister in a small Irish village of XVIIth century and brought to Algier.They are on different Corsairs boat and he looses her when he arrives in Algeria.On of his goal,among others, is to find what happen to her.Hector is now a slave but will change master a good number of times,going through France and Morocco to finally head to America.

Corsair denominate the Pirates of Mediterraneen and it's a nice change from the carabeans.There port were usualy north African and Muslim countries.
It's a good action book,lot's happen all the time and its full of information about ships.
The atmosphere is well set and different from what i read before.I specialy liked the part in Morocco and the desert crossing.
I saw the series on Amazon and thought I might like to read them as well. Looking at the reviews he really gets into historical facts (which I like), but does he go too much into the facts where it takes away from the stories?