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To Blog or not to Blog

Discussion in 'Member Book Reviews/Journals/Blogs' started by Leon Stevens, Feb 26, 2020.

  1. Leon Stevens

    Leon Stevens New Member

    Feb 1, 2020
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    My third blog post:

    When I first began to write a blog, I wasn’t sure about how often I should. I thought once a week was about the right amount of time. Looking at my last post, which was several weeks ago, I now know that I am not going to hold myself to any time frame.

    So, why write here at all? The same reason that I decided to publish my poems- so that others can enjoy reading them. I’ve read a few blogs here and there and a unifying feature is that you need to be passionate about doing it. I like writing. It does come in fits and starts, and most of my writing has occurred during the crappy times in my life. But a lot of it has also been a growing process, and it have enabled me to come to terms with how my life is now.

    I try to tweet once a week though. I like short little bites that force you to be concise and not ramble. I hope you have been reading them.

    ‘till next time,


    That was then. How many posts do I have now? About ten, most have a humorous side to them, but one or two are more serious. If you want to read an entertaining blog, I'd love for you to visit. The last few topics were:
    • Paper or E-book
    • Read the movie or watch the book?
    • Re-Reads
    • Birds of a Feather
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