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To Blog or not to Blog

My third blog post:

When I first began to write a blog, I wasn’t sure about how often I should. I thought once a week was about the right amount of time. Looking at my last post, which was several weeks ago, I now know that I am not going to hold myself to any time frame.

So, why write here at all? The same reason that I decided to publish my poems- so that others can enjoy reading them. I’ve read a few blogs here and there and a unifying feature is that you need to be passionate about doing it. I like writing. It does come in fits and starts, and most of my writing has occurred during the crappy times in my life. But a lot of it has also been a growing process, and it have enabled me to come to terms with how my life is now.

I try to tweet once a week though. I like short little bites that force you to be concise and not ramble. I hope you have been reading them.

‘till next time,


That was then. How many posts do I have now? About ten, most have a humorous side to them, but one or two are more serious. If you want to read an entertaining blog, I'd love for you to visit. The last few topics were:
  • Paper or E-book
  • Read the movie or watch the book?
  • Re-Reads
  • Birds of a Feather
I'm not too keen on blogging,
even though I have a website now. I have done four blog posts so far, and I intend to do more. For some reason, I am far more comfortable writing novels than when I am writing blogs. Perhaps, my mindset is wrong. I've read many great blog posts and those bloggers seem to make it look easy. I guess it is the same as anything in life. The more blog posts I write, the better I will get - hopefully. :)
I'm not too keen on blogging,
The more blog posts I write, the better I will get - hopefully. :)

It has taken a long time for someone to reply to this post, and I’m glad that you did. My blogging has improved (or so I think…) since I started. I can usually write a post in one sitting once I get an idea in my mind. Blogging brings out the personality of the author, more so than their books are able to. My posts usually bring out my odd sense of humor (or so I think) and shows my desire to entertain the reader. I like to make people laugh or at least smile.

I couldn’t find a link to your website so if you want to give it here, I’ll check it out. Meanwhile, if you want to visit mine: www.linesbyleon.com

Thanks! There is quite a bit of material on there. I need to do a bit of re-ordering though.

I looked at yours. Nice and clean, easy to navigate. I like the small contact thingy in the corner.
I did find the font in the blog a bit hard on the eyes. I get the cursive idea, though, making it more personal.
Thank you. I'm not too keen on the font in the blog either.:eek: I do need some time to get the website looking to how I want it to be. It'll just take time to do so.
I just came across this again. It's been awhile since I posted, and boy, Have I written a lot of blogs. Part of my blogging is to provide material to my readers in my newsletter. I like to think of them (the blogs, not the readers) as little stories and glimpses into my mind/life. I strive to make the entertaining, humorous, and informative. I started adding some humorous surveys at the end of some of them.

I started rewriting a few to post on Medium,com. Here are a few free links:

Life Lessons Learned from Exercising
Music and Poetry: The Connection
Music and Writing in Quarantine
Leon Stevens, Author, interviews Leon Stevens, Reader

Here are a few links to my latest blog posts:

The Ins and Outs of KDP
The Changing of the Seasons
What’s in a Name (or a Picture)
Survey Says!

Hope you get a chance to pop by!

Since I started this thread, I've ramped up my production. I moved my blog to Wordpress and now I write something at least 5 times a week. It's good to get thoughts down in a tangible form, while gaining a readership for my works.