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Well I'm back


Active Member
I'm not quite sure who is behind it but we seemed to have lost the other wabbit, so be carefull now you are back.

And welcome back..


Active Member
mehastings said:
Just noticed that. Anyone know where the wabbit went to? He was pretty funny.
I think the penguins took him as part of an evil plot to take over the world. But now we have another bunny so things are not all lost.
Dogtanian said:
Welcome back. How come you've been away?

Well I could say the aliens were performing experiments, but you'd never believe me. So I'll just have to stick with the old work excuse.

Nice avatar by the way - now that takes me back.


Active Member
welcome back!! what did you accomplish in your absense? i hope you made plans to take over the moon! or mars, your choice!


New Member
The rumours of my demise are greatly exaggerated! :D Those penguins will never defeat me! NEVER! HAHAHAHAHAHAH! And so on.

Anyway, welcome back fluffy face! :cool: