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What are you listening to Right now?

SillyWabbit said:
Ah, really like her! Great singer!
And you know she's Canadian, eh? :D :D

Love her. Always end up teary-eyed at some point while listening to her CDs.
Yes, I know she is! Gimmie some points for knowing! :D

Yeah, her music is really good with lots of feeling. I love "Adia" and "Arms of an angel" :)
SillyWabbit said:
Yes, I know she is! Gimmie some points for knowing! :D
Sure. How about 20 bonus points!!
*wonder what wabbit does with all these points*
Right now I am listening to Fell in Love with a boy by Joss Stone. I really liked the version by White Stripes but this one is actually better. She sings it in a really funky and sensual way. If that makes any sense
"Somebody Told Me"- The Killers

PS if anybody wants to listen to my launchCast Station, my Username is traver4539...(Its this Yahoo Radio thing)