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What is Love (Vijay S. Sharma) Opinions?

Jana R.

New Member
I recently downloaded an interesting book for Kindle. "What is Love". I just wanted some entertaining reading for a long trip. This not only entertained me, but it made me thought a lot about relationships, not just the romantics.

At first, I thought maybe it was just a book about romantic relationships, but no. Tells you about any situation of "love" (with your friends, bosses, things like ice cream or causes). It has an interesting way of telling the historical thought about love (besides adding songs and sayings about love). But what has most struck me is that the author establishes a method of measuring the amount of love you feel for a person. According to the calculation method, you can measure exactly. For me it works!

He says that love is based on concepts like "Troubles" and "Blames." That is (if I can explain) That to get "love" it is necessary the other person assume a "Trouble" for you and also not has to "Blame" you or hate you for it. So you think about the person, you apply some points to your ·”Troubles” and “Blaming”, according te way the writer tells you and also the potential physical presence (physical closeness, he calls “PPP”) joins the equation getting a final score.

It curious how he applies these concepts to couple situations, politics, or how his concept can be applied to products and parthners. Super interesting when it makes you reflect why we see Apple as something cool.

Anyway, I've been thinking all week. Have you read it? I what to speak about!