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What is your all time favourite Crime, Mystery or Thriller?

Mr. Burke is that you? I'm sorry if your butt hurt and can't take criticism.

Nope I'm not James Lee Burke , would that I were he. And is that the best you can come up with? Can't you at least be a bit creative if you're going to attempt combat ad hominem?

And in the most basic analysis it rather seems that *you* are the one demonstrating a high degree of " butt hurt" , after all you quite simply can't stand another individual differing in opinion from you and pointing out of certain realities , nor can you take being called on your snide , holier than thou , control freak attitude.

Most of us here learned long ago that the world doesn't revolve around us , evidently your emotional development stopped prior to learning that basic fact.

Here's a towel , now go dry behind your ears and grow up some.

And don't bother with attempting to escalate this , you're not equipped for a flame war and I don't do such things anyway , much less will I engage in a war of wits with an unarmed opponent.

At any rate if you wish to talk books then do so , if you wish to impress me with political correctness run amok then just count me out.
In my opinion for what it's worth I do not think anything that was written here deserves such an emotional reaction. I dont want to take sides and can see all points but i think the one guy just said he didnt like reading the ethnic insults. That is his opinion and so no problem. Me personally I dont really care so much. I used to tell guards who worked for me in the prison never use ethnic insults or hit guys who were handcuffed. This doens tmean I never heard N-word so let us be real. Mostly however it was black convicts calling each other n-word. I never used myself and also I am half native American and so understand somewhat about being minority. I lived for awhile in Mississippi and I will say I heard n word there at least as much as NY. racism is everywhere. Including and especially in Asia. But the point is that people here speak about books and should be able to give opinion without ridicule or insults.
To get back to the subject,
Pontabla, definitely finish "White Doves at Morning". It is Well worth the time.

For Tai Mai Shoe: I second Heaven's Prisoners as a second shot at Burke, although the one that really hooked me was one called "Dixie City Jam". Also "Burning Angel" is a great read.

For BlueNote : In essence I agree with your comments, especially your assessments of Burke's writing and also political correctness in general. Everyone has a different perspective though. I'm black and pushing 40 years of age. I've seen and heard enough to not let too much bother me anymore. I don't think Burke's usage of racial slurs is gratuitous, I think it is just part of setting the stage, which he does better than just about anyone in my opinion. But everyone has their own opinion.
Dearly Devoted Dexter by Jeff Lindsay

A serial killer who kills other serial killers, and works as a forensic officer, and has a family. Plus to add to that there is a killer on the loose that does surgery on his victims. Dexter is a great character(Until the third book and the latest book) , no romance, very interesting,and dark humor.

Also has one of the best 1st person Point of Views out there. Second to this would be Connelly's The Concrete Blonde .
But the point is that people here speak about books and should be able to give opinion without ridicule or insults.

How could I disagree with the above? However , by the same token discourse here should be free of snide rhetoric that extends to fans or readers of a given author ,likewise free of blanket assessments of a given author's motives in committing what they do to paper.

And frankly equally free of the rampant political correctness that has already made quite a severe impact upon our educational and library systems. Un fortunately we live in a world where author's from Twain to Langston Hughes to Sylvia Plath and Alice B. Toklas have become politically incorrect.

Who knows , soon the Vatican may even bring back the list of 'banned books'.

Me? I'll read what I damn please , me. And censorship is a historical circle anyway , always comes back 'round in some form. C'est ein affaire a' pus finir , eh?
I do not have The Neon Rain available anywhere and my parents won't order it off the net, although I do have access to the rest of the series. Am I missing anything if I skip over The Neon Rain?
I cannot argue that political correctness has gone way too far. It is one of the main reasons I retired. I also object when I read books which are completely anti-American, of which there are many these days. Even written by Americans. Sometimes people on forum write things which make one believe they assume everyone who reads books is liberal, which I am not . Sometimes I think I will reply but usually I just let it go. Over here, they love president Obama. I say thenyou can have him. I personally think he is one of the worst presidents we ever had. But some people think if you think this you must be racist. I am not racist. personally I would have voted for Codoleeza Rice for president. I just think he is not a leader. Probably this will upset some people. But they are entitled to their opinion. I am entitled to my opinion also. So is everyone.
Paris '97 by Eric Hamilton. I just finished it last week. I know it's fresh in my mind, but I think it'll be my favorite for a really long time. Anyone else read it?
"Hour Game" by Baldacci has stayed with me although I read it quite some time ago. I enjoy his books as well as those by Lincoln Child/Douglas Preston (Pendergast is a favorite overall character of mine). Jeffrey Deaver's Lincoln Rhyme mysteries are great as well.
I have always been a fan of James Patterson, but recently I read a book by Jack Kilborn called Afraid and it was different then anything I have read in a long time, refreshing.
Flight of the Hornet - Ken Follett (there's probably about a dozen others which are also my all time favourites.
Flight of the Hornet - Ken Follett (there's probably about a dozen others which are also my all time favourites.
Eye of the Needle was the first Follett I read. Both it and the movie were great. Donald Sutherland played the protagonist. He can be quite chilling.
Eye of the Needle was a great movie, lots of suspense. Donald Sutherland does suspense really well. The last scene had me on the edge of my chair.