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What is your view on an eating disorder?

Okay so just a few questions

  • What makes someone have an eating disorder?
  • What makes it worse for a person?(the person with the eating disorder)
  • What is your definition of an eating disorder?


Staff member
It's hard to give just one reason why someone has an eating disorder. People develop them for so many different reasons. Some because of societal pressures about impossible weight and beauty standards, family pressure, peer pressure, a need to exercise some type of control when they feel they have no control over anything else in their life. Using food as a comfort for emotional, psychological or physical pain.

Just as there are so many reasons why a person develops an eating disorder, there are just as many things that can make it worse. Constant belittling about weight or appearance, low self-esteem. Abusive relationship, lack of control over situations.

To me, an eating disorder is when food, the thoughts of food or food issues or weight dominate your life and thoughts,