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What should I read next?

In response to your request for recommendations:

B. Traven, "The Treasure Of The Sierra Madre." Great movie, even better book. The vignettes in italics at the beginning of each chapter are alone worth the price of the book.

Mary Austin, "The Land Of Little Rain." Time well-spent with a great guide to the eastern slope of the Sierras.

Rachel Carson, "The Sea Around Us." Poetic evocation of the mystery, vastness and beauty of the seas.

George Mandel, "Flee The Angry Strangers." The dark side of the 1950's.

Arthur Koestler, "Darkness At Noon." Set in the Soviet purges of the mid -1930's. A riveting account of these purge trials used by Stalin to dispose of possible rivals for his power (real or imagined) is set forth in Fitzroy MacLean’s book, “Eastern Approaches”. MacLean was a young diplomat posted to the Soviet Union by Great Britain. He became fluent in Russian and was delegated to attend the trials for Britain. His first-hand accounts are worth reading, as is the whole book.

Anything by Ross Thomas, but especially “Chinaman’s Chance”, “The Eighth Dwarf”, “The Cold War Swap”, “The Fools In Town Are On Our Side”, and “Missionary Stew”. Witty, politically cynical, wonderfully well-written.

Carl Hiaasen, “Tourist Season”, “Skinny Dip”, and “Sick Puppy”, etc. Funny, angry and biting at the same time.

Thorne Smith, “Topper”, “Turnabout”, and “Rain In The Doorway”. Comedic social satires, providing laughs with insight and bite. The plots of all of the body-switch movies of a few years ago were thugged from “Turnabout”.