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What was/is your favorite children's book?

I need some solid recommendations for your favorite children's book of all time (I know that's a hard question, so maybe top 3 or something if you can't pick just one?). I am hoping to get some recommendations for books that are 'always' popular not just the latest fad/trendy children's books.

I recently started my new YouTube channel where I read books for kids (https://www.youtube.com/StorybookNanny) and I need help putting together an awesome list of books that I should read. Thanks for your help!
I absolutely adored Jacqueline Wilson when I was younger. The Story of Tracy Beaker was by far my favourite book. The Chronicles of Narnia would be a close second. Something possibly a bit more obscure that I loved was Six Haunted Hairdos by Gregory Maguire, it was hilarious.
wind in the willows
Do you mean children=pre-teens, or would you include Young Adult books,
which would open the choices enormously. I can't really remember much about
my earliest reading, though I know it included the train series by Reverend Awdry.
By the time I reached double figures I was wolfing down early YA books, ( especially
historical, much more absorbing, even exciting, than anything set in my mundane
world of post-WWII England). These usually set a boy and girl , maybe a couple of
each, in the middle of an important event or period in English or foreign history,
Marco Polo, Ancient Athens or Rome, Vasco da Gama, the Civil War, (the English
one, not Lincoln, Grant and Lee), the Spanish Armada etc. I couldn't understand
people who weren't interested in the Past, only the immediate Present. Still can't.
I read everything by Geoffrey Trease. Apart from putting his characters in the
middle of the history that I was studying and enjoying at school, his books always
contained underlying hints that the teenage protagonists were attracted to each
other, though this was never specified, only implied, whereas modern YA books
tend to be more open about this.
Oops! The timer on the stove has beeped. It's my turn cooking tonight.
I'll be back.(Where have I heard that before?)

The house in the night has awesome illustrations, as does Good night moon - classic 60s pop art graphics and colors. Dragons love tacos is tight, Iggy Peck architect is the worst. Age dependent.