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Why is Spirituality important?


New Member
Hello from California. One of my interests is to understand spirituality which is becoming the modern day religion. Not as a blind faith but something that can be of value in everyday living.

Many of us wonder what spirituality is or what it does???

Spirituality serves to supplement and buttress peoples moral sense, which is our conscience, or the spark within that tells us to do good. In the legend of mahabharta, Yudhister could see no evil in any man and Daryodhan could see no virtue in any one. Similar was the VISION OF GURU NANAK, the founder of sikh religion, WHO COULD SEE NO HINDU, NO MUSALMAN BUT HUMANITY. We all have something like this. Truthful and spiritually oriented books/articles help refine the sense of right and wrong. Just look at the fallen towers and religious wars to see the need for books like "A Treasure of Great Spiritual Stories: Spirituality In Everyday Living".

"The language of the head is words.
The language of the heart is love.
The language of the soul is silence."