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with apologies to Dorothea…


New Member
Jones and Laws are local radio shock-jocks. Large frogs in a small pool, so I suppose not known out there in the wider world.

Lambs of some other God

I love a redneck country
A land of Jones and Laws
Inspiring mass mediocrity
Chanting three bags full sir lies.

I live in a stolen country
One taken at point of sword
Its owners reduced now to penury
Their modest needs ignored.

I see a dog-in-a-manger country
Deny desperate strangers a home
While its owners weeping in sympathy
Wonder what hell their land has become.

I cringe in a laughing-stock country
Food for any mad predator’s cause
Ruled by cretins complacently
Flocked to fight other fools’ wars.

I spit on my dumbed-down country
Woolly-brained, blind to light, half asleep
Fenced in by moronic hypocrisy
Vainly searching for Little Bo Peep.