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Recent content by anu

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    Sherlock Holmes Canon - Completed!

    Scandal in Bohemia was actually hmm.. scandalous. Loved to see an equal to Holmes, I hope Irene Adler would appear in many more stories. Also, enjoyed Redheaded League. A funny yet intriguing story. But Dire I noticed a slight mistake in narrative. The ad is published on 27-04-1890, Wilson is...
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    How many books do you have on your E-reader?

    You guys keep posting such formidable figures that I feel I am not a reader at all :( Have just 50 ( read n unread) on my Tab that I plan to finish hopefully in this year.
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    Sherlock Holmes Canon - Completed!

    Wow Dire you are such a hard core Holmes fan :)
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    Sherlock Holmes Canon - Completed!

    Yes Dire I am excited too. Would begin Scandal tomorrow. Lets see if short stories got more chutzpah. I got to know about the free kindle edition only after I had bought the half collection. Did feel bad to spend money on something I could have got for free but I did download it. And after...
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    Sherlock Holmes Canon - Completed!

    I have finished reading Sign of Four and this time really liked the story. It was complicated unlike Study though here as well I think the characters shine even more. But now I have become a fan of Holmes' pithy comments and witty one liners, enjoyed the novel immensely. JGL I tried hard to...
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    Fall of Giants by Ken Follett

    I have just finished reading Fall of Giants and found it absolutely riveting. Never thought I would be able to enjoy a novel set against War so much. Though I did read War and Peace and had also liked it, but Tolstoy's philosophical monologues were quite hard to read. Whereas in here I found Ken...
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    Recently Finished

    Fall of Giants by Ken Follett. A voluminous book of 852 pages that does full justice to the Historical Fiction genre. Loved the intermingling of war, love and politics.
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    Ancient history

    I always regarded history as boring. Reading about events that happened hundreds of years ago and trying to remember the dates and strange names was quite painful for me. But now I really love Historical Fiction. The mix of real events and imaginary characters makes it much easier for me to...
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    Wanderer just like you I am also a self confessed fiction reader. And perhaps not really qualified to recommend. But I did read My Experiments with Truth by Mahatma Gandhi and was quite smitten by his brazen simplicity and frankness. Another book that impressed me equally is Confessions of A...
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    What do you want in a bookstore?

    I am more of a library person so for me, neatly stacked books, arranged as per their category seems a good idea. As commented above I also love to buy from amazon as I can browse through their endless collections for ages before I finally decide to buy one. But feeling a book in your hand and...
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    The Brontë Sisters

    Oops Ronny I did not see your comments earlier. I think both of us are replying almost simultaneously. And thanks for reading my words as they were meant to be.
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    The Brontë Sisters

    I did not intend to lecture anyone. All of us are here as readers just discussing their point of views. WH is popular even after 166 years of its conception precisely because it is not a regular story with a good hero, meek heroine and a BAD villain. It is much deeper than an ordinary romance...
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    The Brontë Sisters

    Meadow in real life people are neither all good nor totally bad. More often than not all of us have grey shades of character with our behaviour depending upon circumstances, mood and upbringing. Then why should one expect only bad characters to behave in an evil way and even be punished for...
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    The Brontë Sisters

    Ronny you hit the nail on its head. Love is often portrayed in novels as a serene out of world perfect romance, a bit too unrealistic for me. I loved WH as it explored the hidden side of love, the unrequited infatuation that makes one jealous and angry. I think this theme of spurned love and...
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    The Brontë Sisters

    I liked Wuthering Heights much more than Jane Eyre, especially liked the mysterious beginning, where a new tenant comes face to face with a suspicious unfriendly landlord and his equally strange family. Heathcliff and Catherine may not be your everyday normal romantic couple but perhaps it is...