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Recent content by bluebell

  1. bluebell

    Adapting my novel into a film script.

    Hi all, Any tips on the following would be appreciated. I have written a novel that I've been trying to get published for some time (without luck so far) I think the concept is very strong and would actually be really suitable for film. I have bought some books on script writing and have been...
  2. bluebell

    Frank McCourt dead at 78

    RIP Frank.
  3. bluebell

    Your favorite fantasy series

    Totally agree, I only picked one a few months back and have been working my way through them and really enjoying it.
  4. bluebell

    Is it weird for a guy to like this stuff??

    No your not strange. Make love not war man!
  5. bluebell

    James Patterson

    Totally agree with this. I have studied different writing styles as I write myself and Patterson style seems to lend itself to the silver screen.
  6. bluebell


    Yipeee, I found how to put up avatar myself. Maybe my Technophobia has been cured!
  7. bluebell

    J.K. Rowling: Mistakes found in Harry Potter

    It say in The Chamber Of Secrets that Voldemort has supposedly been in hiding for 15 years, Harry is 13 at the time, But should really be 14, since Harry was a year old when Voldemort killed his parents.
  8. bluebell


    Hi all, Looking at your cool avatars I'm jealous. especially Sparkchaser's - coooool!! How do I put mine up? Thanks
  9. bluebell

    Fujitsu Launches Color e-Book Reader in Japan

    Fair point. I just feel we spend so much time looking at digital screens nowadays and that our children, and children’s children may well evolve with square eyes. Or maybe I'm just and old traditionalist who won't move with the times!
  10. bluebell

    Laugh Out Loud Funny

    Bill Bryson: The Life and Times of the Thunderbolt Kid. Or any Bryson book for that matter!
  11. bluebell

    Never Ending Song Titles:Words in Common

    My Baby Just Cares For Me - Nina Simone.
  12. bluebell

    Hello all!

    Hi Kelly, welcome, I'm new too!!
  13. bluebell


    Hey BessTudor, I'm new too!! Hi all! Great site.
  14. bluebell

    Recommendations given and needed.

    I recently read a book by Melissa Hill - the Last To know. :stars5: I am trying to get my hands on her new one which I read about on Amazon which is set in San Francisco call Please forgive Me. Her books are well worth a look soooo different from most stuff I've read lately as all the plots...
  15. bluebell

    Nicholas Sparks: The Notebook

    I think I read recently that the story is 'loosely based' on them