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Adapting my novel into a film script.


New Member
Hi all,
Any tips on the following would be appreciated. I have written a novel that I've been trying to get published for some time (without luck so far) I think the concept is very strong and would actually be really suitable for film. I have bought some books on script writing and have been working on adapting the manuscript into a script which I'm finding difficult but fun.
Has anybody out there ever done this that could give me a few tips on-
1. Adapting the novel
2. Selling the script (who is the best person to send it to in Ireland/UK)

I got a recommendation this company a while back -   - Home
They adapt books into films and even develop scripts from peoples ideas which was what an acquaintance of mine had done a while back. She is now seeking an agent to represent her.
Has anybody else had adaptations carried out by a third party before and do they think it’s worth while?

Thanks in advance.
No, I have not had that happen. I too am seeking an agent to get my book published and I would like to see it as a movie. I think you should first only focus on getting your book published...