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Recent content by brian january

  1. brian january

    New Adventure Thriller!

    I'd like to announce the release of my latest Kindle adventure thriller Sapphire (bundled with Platinum), starring OSR officers Park Skarda and April Force! Here is the book description: Park Skarda and April Force are back in their next thrilling adventures! Sapphire When OSR sends Skarda...
  2. brian january

    thriller authors?

    The early Alistair MacLean books are quite good. If you like action-adventure (al la Clive Cussler), try Andy McDermott, Jack DuBrul, James Rollins, Matthew Reilly (and mine, lol!). Also Boyd Morrison and Thomas Greanias.
  3. brian january

    Robert E Howard

    I would agree with everything Hawkbrother has said!
  4. brian january

    Robert Crais

    I used to read the Elvis Cole novels until he got involved with Lucy, and then the stories got a bit too wishy-washy for me. I think I might re-read the early stuff. Joe Pike is great!
  5. brian january

    Flexible E-Paper is here

    LG bendable E-reader This looks cool! Bendable E-Reader Going into Production : Discovery News
  6. brian january


    I'd just thought I'd check in and say hi! Brian January