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  • Ended up going to St Louis and to Pittsburgh shows- I'm telling you, find me on Facebook and see my photos there
    Got the tour of the underworld in Pittsburgh- Met with Bono's Guitar tech and he took us under and gave us a tour- Met up again with Dallas Schoo (Edge's Guitar tech) saw us and said to my son, Andrew-- hey!! what are you doing here, I thought you were done seeing shows hahaha. He told him we had to come out for one last one
    Epic Show in Chicago last week- OTH was played at the last second after MOS- add me on Facebook to see pics. I took over 1200 with my Nikon 55-200 lens. My name there is Izzy Ciszewski
    You probably have too much catnip around the house,cat's love that I hear.

    Have you heard any of The Black Keys music?
    I don't know man,just be careful,they are wicked animals,they look cute but you never know.
    Here's 2 pics from Heart,the best I could do.
    Book & Reader Forums

    Like the blog said,the sound was not excellent but still worth the money for me.
    Do I have to visit here to see that you replied?;)

    I was telling my kids that this music will live forever.:D

    How old is old?lol I am turning 43 next week and I don't feel old.:)
    That one is a great cover. Avatar worthy.

    I remember when I was a teen I loved going to the records stores to look at all the album covers. This was before CD's (damn I am getting old).
    They are beauties,I also like:

    I hadn't listened to all this for a long time,I had forgotten how it gets to to your core.

    Bleeding Me is one of my favorite songs.
    I know! It seems everyone is doing that,adding rap.just ruins everything.I heard Rhiannas song yesterday,and them Eminem comes on...LOL
    Have you noticed the creativity of artwork on metal or rock albums? amazing!
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