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Recent content by cookieprincess2019

  1. cookieprincess2019

    Anorexia Nervosa book?

    Is there any interesting books a bought an eating disorder for Anorexia
  2. cookieprincess2019

    To Blog or not to Blog

    I love writing on my blog it makes me feel more organized
  3. cookieprincess2019

    Doing a project of Ancient Egypt

    Okay so I am doing a folder /project on how they use to live back in the ages in Ancient Egypt. I want to know what the pharaoh's names and what they represent.in 1990's they only found out what hieroglyphs was. My friend told me they worshiped cats like the cat was a god.
  4. cookieprincess2019

    Best author?

    Okay so Iv decided to put a topic as your best Author?
  5. cookieprincess2019

    Happy birthday to meee!

    On the 24th Im going to be 29yrs and having a great time Hey im going to mcdonals for lunch :P
  6. cookieprincess2019

    Where can I get a free copy? of your book.

    Where can I get a free copy? of your book.
  7. cookieprincess2019

    Christmas I don't believe

    Its late About 5:30pm and everyone is getting ready for Christmas EVE. There’s me,Alison and Rachel who don’t believe in Father Christmas you know, the REAL Santa ,Also known as St. Nicholas. So Like I was saying they don’t believe in true joy and happiness this year. Sure they want stuff but...
  8. cookieprincess2019

    competition place??

    Where can I go to upload my short storys and get some sort of prize form 24th/Oct to Early next year?
  9. cookieprincess2019

    What makes you read more?

    What influence you to read more often?
  10. cookieprincess2019


    Happy Halloween everybody here on B&R what are you guys doing for Halloween 31st? Im having a private party i n the house with loads of sugary snacks and fizzy drinks.I currently live in a residential with staff and they said they will dress up aswell. Music and Scary Movies :D
  11. cookieprincess2019

    What is your view on an eating disorder?

    Okay so just a few questions What makes someone have an eating disorder? What makes it worse for a person?(the person with the eating disorder) What is your definition of an eating disorder?
  12. cookieprincess2019

    How many pages in 8,000 words?

    Like the title says, How many pages in 8,000words? If I had a hardback book for 250pages how many words can I put into it? ThankS