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Recent content by $cott03

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    A couple of writing questions

    #Question 2: :P If you are finding dificulty describing faces a trick i have learned though talkin to succesful and talented authors is to base charachters on people you know, first try to fit the personality of the charachter to anyone you know. Once you have covered its best to look at...
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    Writers Block

    thanks. my book is about a man who ets shot and wakes in a hospital to find out his wife has been kidnapped and the adventures he goes on to get her back. What do you think?
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    Writers Block

    Hi, i am a writer although am struggeling to to start my book as i cant keep to the same story and keep wanting to change ideas. I feel my story is going to fast and that i am getting to far into the book to fast. Any sugestions? Scott
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    My first novel

    Thanx again for the advice :D im now 10 pages into my book, i just cant stop writing. :p i took about 2 or 3 hours planning it. Scott:)
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    My first novel

    ohh thankyou, your advice really helped. :) Scott
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    My first novel

    hey all, i just joint. :D i have only recently started my first book although i cant seem to get far into it, every time i start i want to write it about something else and want to change the subject of the book. any sugestions? :confused: Thanx