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Recent content by Julia Anderson

  1. J

    best book to movie adaptation

    The Hunger Games
  2. J

    Popular children's today?

    Thank you very much! That's what I figured but I just wanted to make sure.
  3. J

    What should I read next?

    Thank you so much. Can't promise that I'll get to reading all of these but I will definitely check them out.
  4. J

    places to donate

    Thanks I'll check those out.
  5. J

    What are you listening to Right now?

    Sweet Home Alabama - Lynard Skynard
  6. J

    Popular children's today?

    The selection and popularity of children's has changed drastically I'm sure since my kids were young. I now have grandkids that I want to get books as gifts for, but I need help because I don't know which ones are popular these days. My grandkids are 4,5, and 9. Thanks for the help
  7. J

    Recently Finished

    Annihilation - Jeff Van Dermeer
  8. J

    places to donate

    I have a lot of old children's books I'm looking to donate. Anybody know of any good places that take children's books donations?
  9. J

    Sci-fi books that are movies

    Anybody know of any good, recent sci-fi books that have been made into movies that are worth a read?
  10. J

    The Bible

    Historical document
  11. J

    Looking for Crime Novel Recommendations

    What are some recommendations for good crime novels to read?
  12. J

    What are you reading next?

    Which non fiction books do you plan to read next? Looking for suggestions on possible books to read.
  13. J


    I love reading autobiographies and biographies, and I am looking for a good one to read next. Any suggestions?
  14. J

    What should I read next?

    What are your suggestions I need a book to read. Open to any suggestions.
  15. J


    I saw the movie Annihilation in theaters this year, and I know that it was adapted from a book by Jeff Vandermeer. I was wondering if anybody has seen the movie and read the book. Is the book worth reading after seeing the movie?