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Recent content by klunker

  1. klunker

    James Patterson & David Ellis: Mistress

    You may be thinking of the wheelchair bound detective, Lincoln Rhymes. That is the principle in a series by Jeffrey Deaver, not Patterson. I've read a few of the Rhymes novels. "The Burning Wire" will make your hair stand on end. Very good!! Deaver wrote the latest James Bond novel, "Carte...
  2. klunker

    Dick Wolf

    Interesting timing. I'm about halfway through Wolf's second book, "Execution". "Intercept", the first book grabbed you by the shirt collar and wouldn't let go until right at the end. "Execution" is pretty action packed, also. I should finish it over the weekend. Do read "Intercept" first...
  3. klunker

    James Patterson & David Ellis: Mistress

    Just read the new James Patterson/David Ellis release, "Mistress". Wow!!! I couldn't put it down. Once done, handed it to my daughter. She stayed up all night reading it. (She's married with 2 daughters and lives a mile or so from us.) This thing is chuck full of Presidential trivia and...
  4. klunker

    James Patterson: Guilt

    The mind is one of the first things to go!! And, as is evidenced by my post, it's gone!!!:( All of a sudden, it hit me. It's Kellerman, not Patterson. By the time I got back to my 'puter, you had found my error. My apologies to Mr. Patterson!!! Sheesh! Take away my books, golf clubs...
  5. klunker

    James Patterson: Guilt

    The latest in his 'Alex Deleware' series. Far fetched and seemed "forced". I'm beginning to believe some of these authors believe they have to get a book out in order to get the next advance from a publisher. Iris Johannsen was the same with her 'Bonnie' series. They became redundant and...
  6. klunker

    Vince Flynn - Dead at 47!!

    Two elderly gentlemen in our community were killed in a traffic accident this past week. The driver was 90, his passenger 85. Both were retired businessmen, still played golf, and seemed to really enjoy life. What a way to go! They drove through a stop sign, directly into the path of a...
  7. klunker

    Vince Flynn - Dead at 47!!

    http://www.foxnews.com/us/2013/06/19/best-selling-author-vince-flynn-dies-at-age-47/ Liked Flynn's 'Mitch Rapp' books. Way too young to go.....
  8. klunker

    John Sandford: Silken Prey

    Wow! Reading Sanford's latest in his "Prey" series. This is a political crime thriller. Democrat, Republican, Conservative, Liberal... Sanford handles today's volitile political clime well. Corruption, blackmail, political 'dirty tricks', murder... does any or all of this happen in the real...
  9. klunker

    Robert Crais Elvis Cole series

    My wife and daughter hardly ever buy books for their e-readers. Local library is connected to a large data base of free books. They also found a website... I think it's Book Buddy, but not certain... that has thousands of free e-reader selections. The site drops a "new" book each week into my...
  10. klunker

    Robert Crais Elvis Cole series

    Certainly, have no intention of "annoying" anyone. I do tell some folk that, at my age, I've earned the privilege of being annoyingly cranky!!! :>) Haven't had many posts on this board. Too busy reading!! :>) What little I have visited, it seems like the posters are good people who...
  11. klunker

    Robert Crais Elvis Cole series

    Think I posted, earlier, about how great "Suspect" is. One of the most heart-wrenching reads I can remember. Few things bring tears to this old man's eye, but "Suspect" did. I knew one of our local librarians is a "dog person". I recommended the book to her and she indicated, later, she...
  12. klunker

    Thomas Perry: The Boyfriend

    Just read Thomas Perry's new book, "The Boyfriend". Quick moving, crime/suspense book. I enjoy this type of read, but I prefer some semblence of proofing. The author had one of the characters driving a "Toyota Maxima". The Maxima is a Nissan product, not Toyota. Careless with tiny facts...
  13. klunker

    Thanks. Just curious. Didn't remember seeing him post before.

    Thanks. Just curious. Didn't remember seeing him post before.
  14. klunker

    Brent, did you sell the ST forum? I see someone posting as "Rex" has "Owner" in his avatar.

    Brent, did you sell the ST forum? I see someone posting as "Rex" has "Owner" in his avatar.
  15. klunker

    Random Question..Keep posting

    Back in history to witness.... ... Lady Godiva's ride. ... As Seal Team 6 pulled the trigger to end Bin Laden's reign of terror. There are so many good times, and bad, that would have been great to see first-hand. I doubt none of us would want to give up the conveniences to which we have...