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  • Libby, I would love to read your book but I don't want a freebie. I live in NY and the bookstores and libraries that I visit just don't carry your books - and I always check. I know I can buy them online, but I like visiting with books first before I invite them to move into my home! I don't mean to be a nudge, but can you get your publisher to beef up its NY distribution?
    Dear Libby, I read your postings about the new books and want to express your congratulations. I have been looking for your books locally (NYC) and cannot find them in the bookstore or in the two library systems I have access to. I am planning to order them online form Amazon but wanted to ask you which one you suggest I start with.
    Libby-it worked! As per your comment, that is partially why that documentary I mentioned is so compelling. It analyzes the meaning of the term "hero" - is it one who bears arms and fights or is it one who negotiates and compromises - and which of the two paradigms will be adopted by a new and beleaguered nation.
    Having grown up in my parents home and in a community of Holocaust survivors, I am convinced that the survivors are made of a different fabric than I am. As that generation is aging and dying, the necessity to preserve their histories becomes even more compelling.
    I just saw your note about your former in-laws. I understand that at least one of your novels has a Holocaust theme - I have been trying to track it down, but my library and local B&N do not have it. In any event, as you may be aware, yesterday was Holocaust Remembrance Day. My synagogue showed the film "Killing Kasztner" - it is a really well done, intelligent documentary that depicts a multi-layered, complex mystery. If you have any interest in the Holocaust and Israeli politics in the early years of its statehood, this film is a must-see.
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