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Recent content by lies

  1. L

    Harry Mulisch: Siegfried

    I'm wouldn't call myself a big fan of Mulisch, but I did love his Discovery of Heaven and I've been meaning to read some more of his work. I was leaning towards his De aanslag (I'm sorry, but I don't know the English title off the top of my head), but maybe I should give this a shot?
  2. L

    Is your IQ above 160?

    Am I missing something? Cause I see Jesus when I look at the four dots, and then I see more Jesus when I close my eyes? And now I've got Jesus stuck in my head. Is this some ploy to convert unsuspecting people?
  3. L

    Foreign vs. domestic films

    Delicatessen, my favourite Jeunet! If you liked this, you might want to watch De grønne slagtere. In fact, I would recommend (and have done so often) most Anders Thomas Jensen movies. Kusturica's another favourite of mine, though I have to admit that after all the movies I've seen by him...
  4. L

    last/next concert ?

    I've bought tickets for Airwaves and after that Leonard Cohen. I'll probably go to some other gigs before these two though.
  5. L

    Real pictures of you

    I sincerely hope models do. I can't imagine them getting into that line of work if they didn't?
  6. L

    Solipsism and pyrrhonism

    Really? I'm getting 44,800 results on google, the first one being a link to wikipedia.
  7. L

    what language should I choose??

    I'd suggest you either start with books you've already read in English or Portuguese or you start with young adult novels or books you know won't be too heavy on big words and complex sentences. (By the way, French, Italian, Spanish and Portuguese are Romance languages (i.e. based on Latin)...
  8. L

    Wearing tights in winter - can somebody explain me this?

    I wear skirts (though never mini skirts) in temperatures below zero myself, and it's only cold for a while. My toes and fingers are the only body parts that suffer when I'm out, really.
  9. L

    what language should I choose??

    I'm guessing you speak Portuguese? In theory it shouldn't be too hard to learn other Romance languages for a native speaker of one of them... Most likely (and even without studying the language) you're already able to figure out quite a bit by yourself. If I were you, I'd probably just...
  10. L

    Gogol Bordello

    Not brilliant, but very good all the same.
  11. L

    Top 10 German movies

    Oh, that tickles!
  12. L

    what language should I choose??

    I wouldn't recommend Russian, as it's (in my opinion) mighty hard to learn. As for French and Italian... I guess you should probably pick whatever appeals to you most, cause I think the learning curve is just about the same on those two. (And once you know one, the other will come easy, and vice...
  13. L

    last/next concert ?

    The last (paying) gig I went to was Gogol Bordello at the AB. I don't have any real plans for the next few months, and that's sad.
  14. L

    King's Dark Tower Series - For those who have completed it *SPOILERS*

    I only picked up Song of Susannah and The Dark Tower a month or so ago (after a hiatus of god knows how many years) and must say I was a bit disappointed by both novels. I did think King managed to redeem himself a bit with his first ending, but I just had to laugh at the second. Now back to...
  15. L

    Last seen...

    After watching almost no movies in October, I'm finally back on track and have watched The Magnificent Seven (1960), Dom za vešanje (1988) and Sink the Bismarck! (1960) so far. I just can't seem to get enough of Emir Kusturica.