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Recent content by murphyz

  1. murphyz

    What 's your favourite book character?

    Flora Prost from Cold Comfort Farm, closely followed by Jeeves from the Wodehouse books. Mxx
  2. murphyz

    How much books do you read per year?

    1 a week perhaps. So around 50 a year. Mxx
  3. murphyz

    Your very own bookstore!

    Most authors, I imagine, would do it as part of their contractual obligations to promote books. Most bookstores charge for priority spacing (something I disagree with) which means publishers are able to buy the best space in the store to have their book. I imagine if they agree to have an...
  4. murphyz

    Your very own bookstore!

    I would call mine 'murphyz' (how original) just becuase I have wanted that name as my own business fro the last 11 years (since I was 14, so I won't go through the various businesses I have wanted to own). It would probably be a second hand bookstore specialising in rare books and author...
  5. murphyz

    Favorite book

    Carter Beats the Devil - Glenn David Gold Mxx
  6. murphyz


    Audio Link found at the top of the page. Mxx
  7. murphyz

    Yann Martel: Life of Pi

    Hi Brian, welcome to the forum - and an excellent post to start you off with. It's been a while since I read Life of Pi, so can't recall everything in detail, but I pretty much agree with what you have written. As a theological novel I don't think it was expecting to delve deeply into...
  8. murphyz

    "Passion" by Mel Gibson

    Hi Christmas, I think there's a difference in the type of gore. Horror and War movies tend to display gore as a way to show fear and try and make you cringe. In most cases they are a relatively quick, and yet painful, death where Freddie then goes on to his next bimbo victim and another...
  9. murphyz

    Peter Carey: True History Of The Kelly Gang

    Mike - excellent summary of the book - very well done. I loved it once I got into the swing of the language, although it did end up taking a little longer to read than a book that size normally does. That in no way distracted from the story though. I often had to remind myself that this...
  10. murphyz


    Been using it for a few weeks and have had no problems yet. No, you cannot forward gmail elsewhere. Luckily I use one generic email address from my site so I can redirect mail anywhere I like, which means the transition to gmail was painless. I have had no problem with inappropriate...
  11. murphyz

    John Irving

    Yes, you will indeed. Just make sure you do read it before seeing it. Owen is a character that is purely for the imagination and any attempt to recreate on the screen is a) deemed to failure, and b) likely to influence your own creation of him. Definitely one to read and not watch. Mxx
  12. murphyz

    John Irving

    I read The World According to Garp first (last September if I remember correctly) and then A Prayer for Owen Meany a few months ago. They are both good but Owen Meany is the better of the two. I have several more Irving books sitting on my shelf, and this morning finished 'My Imaginary...
  13. murphyz

    28 days later

    So good I went to see it twice at the cinema and own it on DVD. I liked that usual zombies are slow and dumb - whereas these ones had a bit of speed and oomph. Mxx
  14. murphyz

    *whisper* didn't Darren have birthday?????????

    Who's Darren? Mxx
  15. murphyz

    Reviews and the library

    How to submit a review in 5 easy steps. 1) Go to the 'Library' tab at the top of the page. 2) Search the Library for the book you wish to review. If the author or book is not listed, you can request that they are added to the database using the Contact Us page. You can also submit your...